[Interview] Marzorati chooses TraceParts 3D cataloging system to generate qualified contacts

One of the interesting aspects of the job that I do is to understand the reasons for business decisions. You can delve behind the scenes into the decision-making processes, objectives and, above all, the long-term vision.

When these choices then turn into an extensive revamping of business strategies, I find it useful to share the journey which has led a company to develop these ideas.

This is the case with Marzorati Sistemi di Trasmissione which, by embracing the 3D cataloging system available on the TraceParts platform, can now makes its products available to more than 27 million professionals worldwide.

TraceParts has produced a product configurator for Marzorati, the perfect solution for providing designers with a screw jack equipped with all the required performance specifications in a couple of seconds in 60 different CAD formats.

The following is an interview with Dario Chirico – Technical Director at Marzorati Sistemi di Trasmissione – a chat with plenty of references that are pretty relevant to any company operating in the mechatronics sector.

In what sector do you operate, and what might be considered the main components you produce?

Having undergone a variety of transformations, in 1950 Marzorati focused its production program on mechanical power transmission components: speed variators, speed reducers, variable pulleys.

Marzorati specializes in designing, producing, and selling screw jacks and speed modulation gearboxes, in addition to specific applications for the stone and marble sector. We also operate in the railway, furnace, and glass sectors.

Our component offering covers the following areas:

When did you think about using TraceParts’ services? What made you do this?

We decided to use TraceParts’ services when Marzorati Sistemi, during its expansion, realized that it needed to turn to a commercial technical partner so that it could promote its brand at a global level.

We were motivated by the desire to share and then offer rapidly our products and our solutions to a large section of users who might also be occasional users.

This has been a natural development of our strategies whose roots/foundations are based on a credible business culture, tailored to the person and market. Our history makes us a reliable partner, capable of guaranteeing a long-term relationship with customers and employees.

One of our differentiating factors is our constant focus on staff training. We have a team of skilled and motivated employees and partners without whom we would not be able to create long-term products, promoting high energy efficiency and using complex production processes.

What concerns did you have when you thought about putting your current catalog online?

Our main concerns were to do with how we would clearly present data and designs, while making it simple enough like a paper-based catalog.

What level of effort has been involved in this (in terms of time, resources, glitches, etc.)?

It has required quite a considerable amount of time, but using a single resource.

Do you think that having an online catalog can provide you with a tool to better face the market competitiveness in your industry?

We regard the online catalog as a key tool for boosting our competitiveness and promoting our brand on the market.

Can the compatibility tools for the various CAD formats available on the platform, the multilingual interface, and 24/7 accessibility to the catalog make this a tool to help you increase your sales by approaching customers hardly reachable until now?

These tools can bring closer to us customers that are difficult to reach from every corner of the globe so that we can generate pre-qualified contacts while, at the same time, freeing up recurring resources that are beneficial to the company.

Do you think that having a control and verification tool which allows you to access in real time details about who is downloading what, when, and from where can help your salesforce win new sales?

Definitely yes. The help that the salesforce gets from the service acquired is beneficial in two ways. Firstly, it raises our profile and then it provides us with useful contacts so that we can increase sales, propose new products, and grow our brand.


As you have seen, there are plenty of thoughts about the online 3D cataloging system. I’d like to thank Dario Chirico for his time and hope that you have found his story useful.

Now, it’s your turn….

If you think that the 3D cataloging system can offer your company an opportunity, please get in touch with me. We could then take a closer look with data and figures available at how you can generate qualified contacts ready to buy your products.

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