Buyers’ behavior and expectations have changed dramatically. As a component supplier, it is crucial that you modernize your communication and marketing strategy. Here are the 4 ways to help you modernize it successfully.


Traditional marketing is no longer adequate

Internet and new technologies have revolutionized buyer behavior and your customers’ needs.

Firstly, buyers have become accustomed to getting information via search engines, which provide answers as and when they need them.

Secondly, design professionals and engineers carry out most of their studies in 3D.

The launch of your component catalog

Let’s look at the possibility’s available to you.


1. Provide the best user experience

Industrial buyers expect you to make their life easier. Everything is starts with your website and your component catalog.

This means making your components available in 3D and in the right CAD format, accessible via a computer or a mobile device.

Industrial buyers, designers and engineers are never without their smartphones and want to be able to access your database from anywhere.

To help you, TraceParts provides a mobile application that provides access to your components and technical data anywhere and anytime.

Other criteria are just as important to ensure a good user experience:

  • Your website must be secure;
  • Your website must load quickly;
  • Navigation on your website must be intuitive;

To check that your website provides a good user experience, you can use different indicators, such as the time that visitors spend on your web-pages or your return-visit visits.


2. Be visual

We are overwhelmed with internet content and, let’s be honest, we rarely read all the texts from start to finish.

We rapidly sort the content and tend to privilege visual over written content. This is the same for industrial buyers.

Images and video allow you to engage with your visitors and improve the conversation rate on your website. This is a crucial point in generating leads for a component supplier.

With this goal in mind, offering CAD models of your components on your websites is crucial and will enable you to noticeably improve your product pages.


3. Use all the Digital Marketing tools available to you

On the internet, competition is fierce.

To make your component catalog more visible, it is crucial to have good search engine optimization.

But that is not all.

Even if natural referencing is the main source of traffic on your website, other tools may allow you to promote your component catalog.

Industrial buyers consult their e-mails and use social networks when making their decision.

Designers and engineers also use these networks to find solutions to their problems.

To modernize your marketing strategy, it is essential you integrate these communication tools.

To take things a step further, we offer a free consultation for your digital marketing campaign so that you can speak to an expert about the steps you need to take immediately.


4. Analyze all available data

Internet and new technologies provide excellent opportunities for you to meet the expectations and needs of your customers more effectively.

They allow you to analyze the performance of your various initiatives and the behavior of your visitors in real time.

When putting your component catalog online, you can study the practices of your customers. What parts do they consult? What do they do with them? What devices do they use to access the internet? What are the most visited pages on your website?

Analyzing all available date will allow you to define what works best and to optimize your marketing strategy.

This will also allow you to identify new tools to generate leads and win over new customers.

Do you want to launch your component catalog with success? Download our Free Guide:


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