UX, meaning “User eXperience”, summarizes everything that contributes to creating a real experience for web users when visiting a website.

Basically, the user experience is a result of successful ergonomics combined with a pleasant and responsive web design. Each detail matters: the choice of color tones, navigation, editorial content, fluid navigation and consistent content.

The website’s design, reassurance and loading speed obviously play an important role in enhancing the user experience. We actually covered these points in a previous article.

Contrary to what some people might think, there is more to the UX than just the interface’s design.

Many other factors determine whether our experience on a website is positive or negative.

In this article, we provide a few tips on how to improve the user experience on your website.


Examine your audience and their expectations of your website

Regardless of your website’s maturity, the user experience needs to be examined and assessed at regular intervals. To do so, several solutions are available:

  • Carry out user testing
  • Monitor traffic to your website Check which pages are visited and the last pages visited
  • Be mindful of any comments that users might leave behind
  • Conduct a UX audit of all or part of your website

When you have audited your audience, you are bound to realize that their expectations revolve around your products being available in different CAD formats.

We have actually carried out a survey among 45,555 CAD professionals using our platform, which provides valuable insights into the work practices of engineers and designers.


Relevant content corresponding to your audience’s expectations

If your website was a store, you would be the sales assistant. To sell your products, you need to address the people visiting your store, take an interest in them and encourage them to buy your products.

Your products will be shown to even greater advantage if the people visiting your website can view them in 3D and quickly view all the related technical information.

For more complex products, your customers sometimes have specific requirements that you can satisfy by adding a configurator to your website.


Show your credentials to your visitors and search engine robots

There are several elements that can be used to reassure visitors to a website, including:

  • The use of https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)
  • Verified customer reviews
  • Information about secure payments and the terms for exchanging or returning products if you run an e-shop
  • The presence of trusted labels (quality standards)
  • Easily visible contact information for your customer service or technical support team


A navigation experience adapted to mobile devices

Having a responsive website is not enough. The user experience on a desktop will obviously be different to the UX on a mobile device. That is why you should adapt the UX to mobile platforms.

  • Ensure that your website can easily be used on mobile devices (large enough buttons, easy-to-read text, etc.)
  • Provide an appropriate keypad for the type of data entry required (such as if users need to enter a number)
  • Highlight the important features: make sure that they are unmissable
  • If you have an e-shop, ensure that users can save their basket (some buyers prefer finalizing their purchase on their computer or returning later on their mobile device)
  • When users need to register or place an order, reduce the amount of information required to an absolute minimum
  • Test your website on several different devices to make sure that mobile device users will have an enjoyable experience, regardless of their smartphone
  • Allow users to save their delivery and payment information, so that they do not have to enter it again when returning to your website

All these tips are essential for enhancing the user experience on your website.


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