Are you looking for an expert in web solutions to publish your products online in 3D?

Your decision is crucial because the success of your new product range on the market depends on the service provider you choose.

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose TraceParts to ensure your product catalog launch is a success.


1 – TraceParts gives you the opportunity to publish your products online

There are several solutions you can choose to make your products available in 3D via a website.

  • Solution no. 1: a website devoted to your catalog, hosted by TraceParts

This solution involves creating an independent web page that is linked to your website. TraceParts takes care of all the design aspects, you only have to provide us with your 3D files. If you do not have any 3D files available, we also take care of modeling your products in 3D.

You simply have to add a link from your website to this library, which is devoted solely to your catalog and contains your logo.

The site is hosted entirely by TraceParts.

  • Solution no. 2: your products are made accessible from your website using Web Services

With Web Services, you can create your own navigation, configuration, 3D display and CAD download interface.

This solution involves integrating the content of the TraceParts platform directly into your site using an iframe.

For example, if you already have your own product configurator and simply want to add a 3D viewer to your site, this is possible.

This solution brings added value to your website in terms of user experience and allows your prospects and customers to download your files without leaving your website.

  • Solution no. 3: integration of content managed by TraceParts’ APIs

This solution makes it possible to fully customize your interface. Using the APIs, you can decide on the layout of the various elements (interactive 3D display, configuration and CAD download of your products) in your interface.

In other words, you integrate content managed by TraceParts into your website using a rich, documented API.


2 – We publish your data to a community of 17.4 million engineers and designers

Over the course of many years, TraceParts has established many partnerships with media sites, CAD and PLM publishers and web portals devoted to CAD and engineering.

Consequently, when one of our customers publishes their products using our web solutions on the TraceParts CAD content platform and on the network of partner sites and applications, their product visibility is increased.

Discover our main publishing partners


3 – We obtain detailed information about the professionals who download your products


When you publish your 3D product catalog with TraceParts, you have access to a data dashboard that allows you to analyze the CAD downloads concerning your catalog.

Based on the data generated by your catalog downloads, our TraceParts Analytics application informs you about the number of CAD files delivered (by period, by location, by company, by product reference, etc.), as well as the number of visits and pages viewed in your catalog.

In addition to CAD data, you can analyze the profile of users who download your catalog.

TraceParts Analytics helps you get to know your target group better and gives you the opportunity to communicate with the designers and engineers who download products from your catalog. You get detailed information such as:

  • The email address
  • The person’s last name and first name
  • The company
  • The person’s position
  • The sector of activity
  • The country and address
  • The reference and description of the product downloaded

In order to ensure that your Marketing and Sales teams obtain all this information about the people who use your catalog, you can schedule automatic transmissions of reports which group together all the data about each product downloaded.

The automatic transmission of reports, which is compatible with a CRM system, enables you to identify key prospects, and find out about new projects and business opportunities.


4 – We provide tools that enhance the user experience

When customizing your navigation interface using the Web Services provided by TraceParts, you can integrate a 3D viewer to your site to allow your visitors to interact and view your products as pictures, technical plans or in 3D.

Since 37% of the users on the TraceParts CAD-content platform work regularly on smartphones and tablets*, we also provide component suppliers with a customized mobile application to promote their products.

Testimony from Stéphane Garcia, Marketing and Communication Manager at COVAL


StephaneGarcia-coval“Based our experience with TraceParts as regards the publishing of our technical data and CAD files, we had the idea to launch our own mobile application. The application is now up and running. In fact, it only took TraceParts a few weeks to develop our new Coval E-catalogue. Today, the application is used by our salespeople and clients throughout the world.”


Find out more about the TraceParts Mobile solution


*Source: TraceParts survey sent to 150,720 CAD users on the TraceParts platform

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