Plas-Fit, a global leader in manufacturing pipe fittings, has published its 3D parts catalog thanks to TraceParts

Saint-Romain, France, September 05, 2019 – Plas-Fit, a manufacturer of top quality pipe fittings and advanced plastic products in Israel and Europe, has announced that it has published over 14,000 CAD files of mechanical and hydraulic parts on the TraceParts CAD content platform

The 150 Series PN16 product line, which is used to connect different types of pipe, and the Super-Fit Series, which features tee and elbow fittings in different sizes for connecting to Manifolds, air valves/gaskets and filters, are now available online in over 60 CAD formats. The Hot water and 150 Series PN16 are also available in Revit format.

Just like thousands of other parts manufacturers, Plas-Fit has chosen to outsource the modeling process for its products so that they can be made available in 3D. Noam Kompano, CAD/BIM Modeling Engineer at Plas-Fit, is the one who suggested the TraceParts solution for successfully completing the rest of the project.

I’m a long-time user of the TraceParts platform for various design projects associated with my professional activities. When I was working on creating 3D models of Plas-Fit products, that’s why I instantly suggested TraceParts for uploading their product catalog, because I knew that it would match their innovation and communication objectives.

explains Noam Kompano.

The element that tipped Plas-Fit’s choice in favor of the TraceParts solution was the prospect of reaching out to new markets in Europe by giving its products greater exposure. Above all, they were determined to offer an additional service to their customers and prospects, as explained by Iris Harpaz, Projects and Marcom Manager at Plas-Fit:

Ever since Plas-Fit was created over 50 years ago, we have constantly pushed the envelope and broadened our unique range of products, while continually looking to improve our service and long-term commitment in supporting our customers and guaranteeing the quality of our products. One of the services involves to help hydraulic engineering planners with their designs.

Iris Harpaz, Projects and Marcom Manager at Plas-Fit


About Plas-fit

Plas-Fit (formerly Plassim Fittings) is one of the leaders in the pipe fittings industry – in Israel and around the globe. Plas-Fit designs, develops, manufactures and markets top quality fittings and advanced plastic products for a variety of uses in a wide range of industries: agriculture and landscaping, water, industry, infrastructure, communications and technology. Plas-Fit offers a unique range of solutions, including products that are being developed by Plas-Fit and manufactured in the company’s manufacturing plant in the Bar-Lev Industrial Park or by its industrial partners around the world. All the company’s products undergo strict quality assurance processes and comply with the strictest international standards, aiming to provide our customers only with products that meet the highest standards that we have set for ourselves.


About TraceParts

TraceParts is one of the world’s leading CAD-content platforms for Engineering, Industrial Equipment and Machine Design, totaling 5.3 million registered members from 1.3 million companies actively sourcing product information and technical data from over 195 different countries.

As part of the Trace Group founded in 1990, TraceParts brings highly targeted marketing exposure to more than 800 customers of all sizes and from all industries, via powerful cloud-based API and SaaS applications such as CAD part libraries, product catalogs and configurators.

TraceParts’ comprehensive Digital Marketing Services help part manufacturers and distributors, 3D printing & rapid-prototyping suppliers, CAD/CAM/CAE/ECAD software and computer hardware vendors promote their products and services and generate highly qualified sales leads.

Available free-of-charge to millions of Engineers & Designers worldwide, the TraceParts CAD-content platform provides access to over 1.730 supplier-certified product catalogs and billions of 2D drawings & 3D CAD models and product datasheets that perfectly match the digitalization needs of Design, Purchasing, Manufacturing and Maintenance processes & operations, in virtually any industrial sector.

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TraceParts является одной из ведущих мировых платформ, предлагающих информационные материалы по САПР в области проектирования, промышленного оборудования и машиностроительного конструирования. TraceParts предоставляет узкоспециализированные маркетинговые материалы сотням клиентов всех размеров и со всех отраслей промышленности посредством таких облачных приложений API и SaaS, как библиотеки компонентов 3D, каталоги изделий и конфигураторы.

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