3 prerequisites for communicating about your new industrial components

The successful launch of your industrial components is not played out on D-day. To effectively communicate about the launch your new industrial components, it is essential to prepare well ahead of time. How? Here are three prerequisites to implement as soon as possible.


1. Analyze your market

To successfully launch your component catalog, it is crucial to analyze your market.

When designing your new range of components, this is self-evident. However, few component manufacturers take the time to analyze their market in order to define their communication plan.

With this goal in mind you can use the SOAR method.

The SOAR method consists of identifying your strengths and opportunities so as to define your objectives and the way in which you can monitor the progress of your actions.


2. Define your targets

In order to communicate about your new industrial components, it is crucial to have a good understanding of your targets.

Here, it is already possible to identify two targets: the marketing target and the communication target.

The marketing target refers to people you wish to sell your industrial components to. The communication target refers to the people you need to inform about the launch of your industrial components.

The distinction may seem small, but it is essential for communicating effectively in industry; the final decision-maker will sometimes not be interested (or only slightly) in your communication messages.

For example, we know that the purchasing decision process in industry will involve 5 people on average.

After determining who your targets are, it is important to analyze them, so you can understand their needs and behavior in the purchasing process.

You can then communicate the right message at the right place and at the right time.

This brings us to the last prerequisite.


3. Identify the right content and tools

Now you have defined your targets, what are their expectations and behavior during the purchasing process? You must also be able to define the right content to publish and the right tools to effectively communicate about your new industrial components.

There are different tools you can use to generate leads in industry:

After selecting the right tools for your target, it is important to define how to best use them.

At this point you should work on your editorial line: What are the themes you wish to address? How often can you and how often do you want to publish?

After this, you will be ready to start your communication strategy for the successful launch your new industrial component catalog.


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Yang Guo

Digital Marketing Coordinator, TraceParts