Whatever good or bad may come from the GDPR law, one thing is for sure- it’s here to stay, so we better find ways of co-living with it’s strict privacy policy.

GPDR has forced marketers to rethink data collecting and user privacy. Yet it is precisely this information that helps marketers achieve better performance using personalized marketing techniques. This personalized marketing is extremely effective. After all, when brands target their message to users in a specific country, who work in a certain industry, and who have signed up to get information, it is considered almost educational for the user to get that information. More personalization drives better outcomes for everyone- the consumers are happy as they receive more relevant and useful messages, and brands see better performances. This personalization is therefore considered the mecca of advertising.

When users sign up to use the TraceParts CAD library of parts, they can choose to consent to receive third party information. Luckily, TraceParts has been using this model for the last 10 years, and is therefore ahead of the GDPR game. This is an advantage to brands who use TraceParts’ Digital Marketing services since it signifies that TraceParts has also been a fundamental component of allowing advertisers access to personalization for years now.

If you have limited consent, or scant customer data, check out our Digital Marketing Services which are GDPR compliant. With a + 1.5 million opt-in user database, we have lots of demographic data that you can target for personalized email campaigns.

TracePart’s database is the ideal scenario for marketers today since it is made up of consenting users. Users want engagement- they don’t want to be marketed to. Smart advertisers have learned to reinvent their marketing strategies to develop strong customer experiences. They have found ways to create unique conversations with their prospects, and yet the first way to do this is to find the right audience.

In a way, GDPR’s appearance has been a great thing to happen to TraceParts as our marketing services have never been stronger. We helps brands and consumers build great relationships using creative ways.

Click here to read about how TraceParts is GDPR compliant.


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