Do your salespeople find it increasingly difficult to find new buyers? Buyer behavior and expectations in industry have changed dramatically over recent years. So, to find new customers in industry you need to start by modernizing your marketing and sales strategy.


What is a good lead?

A good lead is someone who has shown an interest in your components and is ready to make a purchasing decision. This is a hot lead.

Unfortunately, the majority of leads you find in industry are not ready to buy immediately. They are cold leads.

Cold leads show a certain interest in your company or your components but have no immediate need to buy. Or they are not yet ready to make a final decision. In both cases, you will have to help them in their decision-making process in the hope of converting them into customers.

So, as a component manufacturer, you need to put in place a strategy that will allow you to generate hot leads and help guide cold leads through their purchasing process so that they too get to the stage where they are actually ready to buy products.


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Publish your component catalog in 3D

You do not have to do this, but publishing your component catalog in 3D is an excellent way to generate leads.

The reason for this is simple.

Buyers increasingly use the internet when going through their purchasing process and most design studies are now carried out in 3D. Designers expect you to make their lives easier and to help them increase their productivity.

So, providing 3D models of your components in the right CAD format will inevitably allow you to generate more leads.


Would you like to publish your component catalog in 3D? Talk to our experts!


Set up your conversion funnel

To generate leads with your component catalog, it is important to have a conversion funnel that allows you to retrieve contact information from your website visitors in exchange for consulting the catalog in question.

Let’s assume you already offer 3D models of your components and your component catalog is available in digital format. That’s great.

The idea now is to encourage visitors on your website to leave their contact information in exchange for consulting your 3D models or your online component catalog. To do this, you must:

  • Integrate call-to-action buttons into your website pages;
  • Create an optimized landing page;
  • Propose a suitable form;

Then, the process is very simple: visitors notice your button, which prompts them to click in order to get access to your catalog. So, they click and arrive on a page that presents the added value of your catalog and they fill in a contact form.

Mission accomplished. You just generated a lead.


What if you opt for Email campaigns?

As we have seen, most of the leads you generate are not ready to buy.

So, you generally have to make them actively think about buying your products and emailing is the most effective tool for this.

Moreover, it can be useful to work with specialized advertisers to carry out email campaigns using their contact files, which are naturally highly qualified.

For example, we have a database of 1.5 million opt-in contacts registered on the TraceParts CAD platform!


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