The advantages and disadvantages of mobile apps for industrial component suppliers

Why create mobile apps for industrial component suppliers?

It is now a simple fact that more people access the web via a mobile device than via a computer.

Today, it is therefore essential – for both you and your customers – that your catalog of 3D components can be accessed via a smartphone or a tablet.


Our mobile application makes life easier for your salespeople

Finding new customers is increasingly difficult for your salespeople.

First of all because the expectations and behavior of industrial buyers have radically changed.

Industrial buyers want to think about their purchases on their own and at their own rhythm.

Also, using a paper catalog is no longer a viable way of attracting new customers.

Since design studies are now mainly carried out in 3D, you must show your customers and potential customers that you can provide them with your component models in the right formats.


A mobile app is a great way of doing this.

Customers who use our mobile application can present their product lines in 3D at sales meetings and at trade fairs.

This allows them to use a unique interactive approach with their customers and prospects.

The TraceParts mobile app can also be customized using your company colors and graphics.

It enables you to increase your competitiveness and strengthen your brand image.


Our mobile application makes life easier for your customers

A major challenge for industrial component suppliers is to help make things simpler for industrial buyers.

As we have already mentioned, industrial buyers increasingly look for information on the internet when considering their purchases, and they are never without their smartphone.

With our mobile application, you can give your customers access to your products and technical data at any time and in any place.

Better still, you can provide them with your 3D models in the correct formats.

This is a key point if you want design professionals and engineers to look closely into using your products.

With our mobile application, users can access precise, up-to-date technical specifications at any time.

To meet your needs and those of your customers, the TraceParts mobile application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store (Android) and the App Store (iOS).


The disadvantages of mobile apps for industrial component suppliers

Let’s be honest, there are not really any disadvantages linked to making your catalog of components available via a mobile application.

The only constraints are linked to the device used and the quality of the connection.

The users’ mobile device (smartphone or tablet) must be charged and be powerful enough to enable the user to use the app via internet.

However, almost all mobile devices available today are perfectly suited to using the app.

It is also essential that users have at least a 3G connection to be able to navigate through the mobile application without any problems.

Would you like to know more about the TraceParts Mobile App?

Below are two customer case studies:


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