When it comes to creating content, there are many fascinating ways to express ideas, knowledge, and information.

If you’re familiar with content marketing, you’ve probably heard the famous phrase “Content is King.” 

Preparing attractive customer content separates you from the competition, but more importantly, it’s the tool that constantly keeps you present in the digital world. Think of the websites you like to browse when you want to purchase a product. 

What’s driving you to click on a certain link or a webpage, and most importantly, what’s keeping your interest on those webpages? 

In between all SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Digital Marketing suggestions for content creation, it can be confusing for you to decide which strategy suits your customer needs the best.  

To clarify the confusion, there is no proven method or formula for creating attractive content. You can find many lessons online that can help you learn how to improve the performance of your content. In most of these lessons, you’ll come across a set of basic pieces of advice for generating quality content. 

Your main goal in all phases of customer-driven content marketing preparation should be providing value for your customers.  

These are pieces of advice you should keep in mind when creating attractive customer content: 

  • Get to know your customers

The prime element of your digital marketing campaigns are your customers. Creating your ideal buyer persona helps you to understand your customer problems, preferences, behaviors, and desires. 

Once you define your buyer’s journey and understand how they are processing information, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to provide them the exact solutions for their problems. 

That way you’ll have a deeper insight into which topics you should invest your research, and how to find quality sources and ideas.

  • Introduce the topic in an enchanting way

First impression is either going to make or break a business. Depending on who is the buyer persona you want to delight, you need to define your tone, voice, and purpose of your content.

Show your customers that you care for their problems and give them a hint that you’ve found a way to overcome the obstacles. 

Your headlines should be benefit-driven, and your introduction should announce that there is a positive outcome for the problem.

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  • Instead of selling products or services, offer a solution

As a business, you’re probably enthusiastic about all your amazing products and services you’re developing, but the truth is, your customers probably aren’t interested in that fact. 

By only listing the features and specifications of your products, you aren’t solving your customer’s need we’ve mentioned before. Your customers aren’t going to buy your products because of a big, fancy list of all the features you offer. 

They’re going to buy if you show them how they can benefit from those features. When creating content, just keep asking yourself “What’s in it for me?”.

” Why? ”

That is the question your customers ask themselves when they are browsing your products and services.

  • Your content shouldn’t be all about yourself

There are many rules on the table when it comes to deciphering the right amount of customer content about your products and services, and other niche related topics. 

One of the most popular rules is the 80/20 Principle which suggests that 80% of your content should be informal, educational, or entertaining, while the rest 20% should solely promote your business. While this rule may be more suitable for social media content creation, it can be a guideline for creating content on other channels. 

You don’t want to lose your valuable time on creating too much content that will drive you the traffic but won’t retain users. Define the right amount of content related to your products, and content referring to other topics, and stick with the most successful combination.  

  • Use visual elements

Humans are visual creatures. Most of the people notice visual elements first, and process information based on what has caught their attention, and some people can even learn visually. 

Be creative with infographics, design astonishing pictures and illustrations, and you’ll surely be noticed by a wider audience. 

Implement video in your marketing strategy for making your products and services more vivacious. Did you know that video content was one of the most investing type of content in 2019? 

According to HubSpot Consumers are eager for more video content and businesses should have that in mind when preparing customer-driven content.

You can also use video to educate your customers about how your products are made, environment care, volunteer work, or to tell a story.

  • It’s all in the details

Apart from humans being visual creatures, most of us also like information packed in numbers. Some people even give different meanings to certain numbers or divide them by colors, moods, etc. Using numbers when creating content, helps your customers to understand better how your products and services are performing. 

Use numbers to describe how you can help them solve their problems or simply to educate them about a topic they’re interested in. Interesting details, metaphors, and percentages are a compelling way to tell a story, and they are even more attractive when they’re combined with visual elements. 

  • Engage with your customers

When you’re developing your content strategy, have in mind that your customer content goal is to educate your customers about how your product can solve their issues. It’s easy to get biased to all the amazing features of your products, and your copy might start to sound machine-like. 

You need to pay attention to meet the technical requirements of your content, especially with all the search engine algorithm changes going around constantly, but that shouldn’t be your focus. 

Your guiding thought should always be that you’re writing for humans, not for the machines. Think of a benefit for every feature your products have.

Ask your customers – What are their opinions about the statements you’re providing them with.

 Encourage them to contact you, comment, or to share your content by following these 5 simple rules:

  • use simple language,
  • do not ramble around the topic,
  • get to the point,
  • make a conclusion,
  • offer a solution.
  • Proofread your work

Once you’re finished with creating your content, before publishing it, you need to make sure that everything is correct and in place. Use writing assistants when you’re writing, read the text out loud to hear what your message will sound like. That way you’ll ensure you won’t oversee errors, and that your content will be clean once it’s published.

As you have seen, there are many details you should keep in mind when preparing attractive customer content. Among these tips, there are many pieces of information online that can help you prepare content, and afterward, boost your total content strategy.

In a fast-changing digital marketing environment, tools and trends might be short-term, but the proper customer content, that is meeting customer needs, should be your long-term strategy.

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