Component manufacturers: why are your emailing not getting read?

You are in the middle of creating your next email marketing campaign, and you feel certain this one will hit the mark. That being said, your last email campaigns were not as successful as you had hoped. What makes you think it will be different this time?

If you do not change anything, people will not read your next Email campaign any more than they did the previous ones. To rectify the situation, here are some common mistakes we have noted among component manufacturers.


Your database of email contacts is no longer up to date

The old adage that “the old pipe gives the sweetest smoke” is not true for your database of email contacts.

Do you know that 20% of contacts in an email database become outdated or invalid each year?
There are many reasons for this; the company may have a new name or a new domain name, or the contact person has simply left the company.
And if the contact is no longer valid, the person will not be able to read your email.


Your emails are not delivered

For an emailing to be read, it must actually reach the inbox of the addressee.

However, even if you comply with best practices for email campaigns, your emails may end up in the spam box.

If your database is not up to date and you take several weeks or even months to notice it, you will be noted as a Bad Sender. This will also be the case if you send emails to people who have not given their agreement.

If you have a bad reputation as a sender, the ISP (Internet Service Provider) may divert your email to the Spams, or even block your email purely and simply.

To avoid this, you should call on the services of a specialized provider of email marketing-campaign services aimed at component manufacturers..


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The recipients do not know you

Buying or renting a database of contacts may seem like a good idea at first. This practice is often used to “boost” sales performance.

However, the first question that a person who receives an unsolicited email asks in the B2B sector is: “Why is this company writing to me?”

The person’s second reaction is to put your email in the Bin, or even to identify you as Spam.

Apart from the limited effectiveness of this method, the sanctions provided for by the new GDPR standards on data protection are a further deterrent.


Your Email campaign has too many pictures/graphics

Your components are great. They are fantastic. Your latest photos make them look even better. Image is very important in your business.

Naturally, you want to showcase your products. But, maybe just a bit too much.

An email which has too many pictures is considered as spam by the email service.
When designing your email campaign, remember to respect the ratio of 80% text > 20% pictures; or it will not be read!


Your emails are not interesting… at least not for everyone

Databases of email contacts are often very broad.

And often, due to a lack of time or to maximize their chance of finding new customers, manufacturers send their emails to everyone.

If you do not segment your email database, your email campaigns will not be read. Emailing is a powerful tool BUT you must send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Given the wide range of products in your catalog, your contacts are potentially interested in your components. But they are not all interested in the same ones.

In addition, your customers do not all have the same uses, the same issues; nor do they necessarily have an immediate need.

Segmentation is essential to ensure your emails are read.


Would you like to review how you approach your email campaigns? Take advantage of a free consultation with one of our experts!

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