5 reasons why your component catalog is not being seen

Publishing your component catalog online is an excellent opportunity to make your customers’ lives easier and generate qualified leads. However, to experience the full benefits, it is essential that your component catalog is visible. If it is not, these are the 5 most likely reasons.


1. Your website is not well referenced on the internet

Publishing your 3D component catalog on your website is a great initiative.

However, if you want your component catalog to be seen by your customers and prospective buyers, it is essential that your website is well referenced by search engines, especially Google. We’re talking about SEO.

SEO is a major strategic challenge for component manufacturers. So how do you go about it?

First, it is essential to optimize the structure of your website to meet the best practices established by Google.

Then, you must regularly publish optimized content on your website with high added value for your customers and prospects.

Finally, it is essential to get as many links as possible from third-party sites to your website. These links are considered like recommendations by Google and are essential for to ensure your website has good SEO.

If your component catalog is not visible on the Internet, it is probably because you do not meet these requirements.


2. Your website navigation is not optimized

If you put your catalog online, the aim is to make your customers lives easier, and indirectly those of their customers.

Most design studies today are done in 3D and it is essential that designers can download your 3D models in the CAD formats they need.

However, for this to work, you need to be thorough.

If the browsing experience on your website is not optimized, then visitors will not consult your component catalog.

In order to guarantee a good browsing experience on your website, you must:

  • Facilitate access to your component catalog;
  • Optimize the loading speed of your website;
  • Guarantee a good navigating experience on mobile devices;

If you do not meet these 3 essential requirements, you can be sure your component catalog will not get seen.


3. You do not promote your component catalog

In order for your component catalog to be visible on the Internet, you cannot just rely on natural referencing.

Search engines are a major source of traffic for your component catalog, but they are not the only one.

If your component catalog is not being seen on the Internet, it is undoubtedly because you do not have an stratégie overall Digital Marketing strategy.

Component manufacturers can use various tools such asemail campaigns, social networks or digital advertising campaigns to raise the visibility of their catalogs.


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4. You do not write web content

Component manufacturers can no longer just use their website as a showcase which quickly presents their services and gives access to their component catalogs.

There are 2 reasons for this.

Firstly, all component manufacturers now have a website. This clearly complicates the task of making sure yours is well referenced on the web.

As we have already seen, it is therefore essential to regularly create web content in order to be well referenced.

Furthermore, industry buyers no longer expect you to just sell your components.

They want you to help solve the problems they encounter and answer their questions throughout the buying process.

Clearly, your website should no longer only be talking about you, but also your customers.

Again, it is imperative to regularly update your website with content that is optimized for the web, with high added value.

If your component catalog is not getting seen on the Internet, there is a good chance that it is because your website is only a showcase site.


5. You do not collaborate with your partners

On the Internet, competition is fierce, and this ultimately explains why your component catalog is not getting seen.

It is essential to use all the tools you have at your disposal to improve your visibility. One of them, often forgotten by component manufacturers, is to ask your partners to put links from their website to your website and take advantage of their (qualified/relevant) audience.

This is one of our strong points at TraceParts. By publishing your component catalog on our platform, it can be seen by over 17.4 million users! !


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Yang Guo

Digital Marketing Coordinator, TraceParts