Target a specific community of designers and engineers with your banner ads

Display your banner to a unique audience of design, engineering and manufacturing professionals from 49 different sectors of activity such as machinery & equipment, mechanical, tooling, automotive, aerospace, electrical, building and more


Medium rectangle banner on CAD platform


7.2 million monthly page views
Unique monthly visitors
over 7 minutes per session


Display advertising features

Geotargeting for banner


Select your display audience by region, continent, country or language


static budget

Static Budget

Fix the number of impressions or the duration of your banner ad campaigns


Optional features

Product Catagory Targeting

Product Category Targeting

Your can display your banner ads only on specific web pages, with 13 different product categories to choose from.


Visitors Frequency caps

Frequency Caps

Limit exposure of your ad campaign to the same visitor. Cap data is stored at our ad server engine level, so these frequency caps work without cookies.


A/B Split Testing

A/B Split Testing

Perform A/B split tests on your banner ads to see which performs the best.


Browser & OS targeting

Browser & OS Targeting

Target commonly used browser and operating systems visitors.





Choose specific display days and time periods to maximize the efficiency of your banner ad campaigns.







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Supported Banner Size & Formats

Medium Rectangle: 300×250 pixels
Images: GIF, PNG, JPG
HTML5: HTML5 ZIP or single HTML5 Code Page –
either one must be SSL compatible
Video: MP4 Format

Banner ads on product pages

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A safer digital marketing solution than ever for all advertisers who want to reach Engineers and Designers for their email and banner campaigns.

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