The 3 main things designers expect from manufacturers

17-08-2018 Audrey Varin

Engineers and designers perform many different tasks and assignments, including creating the design, drafting the specifications, carrying out simulations and making the prototype. As such, they cannot devote much time to looking for components during the design phase of their projects.

Design professionals want to save time and be more productive.

It is crucial for manufacturers to understand the expectations of industrial designers and engineers to anticipate and meet their needs.


To find certified CAD files online

Design professionals want to be able access “prebuilt” 3D CAD models and other CAD data to help speed up the design process.

These 3D CAD models help them save time, reduce development costs and increase their productivity.

Rather than re-draw off-the-shelf components, designers prefer to download the CAD models of the products, which reduces repetitions and the risk of errors or inconsistencies..

Indeed, the manufacturers who make CAD-models of their products available online guarantee the quality and reliability of their components.

Engineers and designers carry out web searches to find the references of the products they are interested in. If your website has good search-engine optimization and it provides CAD models of your products online, then designers and engineers are likely to purchase your product after downloading the model..


2 – To find all the technical data about the products in the catalog on the website

This will come as no surprise, but designers need as much information as possible to complete their design project and finalize the detailed plan of their product’s architecture.

They then describe the structure of the product by specifying the dimensions of the parts.

Design professionals go from website to website to find the components they are interested in and get all the technical information they need to know their exact dimensions.

You have 2 key tools to convey this information:text and images. These two elements are the basis of any technical data sheet worthy of its name!

When a designer gets to your product sheets on your website, they obviously read the description and look at the photos to understand all the part’s characteristics.

So, you need to describe your items perfectly in order to make the designer want click on the button “Add to my shopping cart”.

You must provide information about the use, the diameter, thickness, mass, complementary accessories, etc., i.e. everything that can help designers save time on their design project.

To meet the expectations of your website users and ensure effective search engine optimization, a product sheet of approximately 300 words is sufficient.

This amount of words is enough to describe the essential points and enables Google to consider the content as significant.


3 – To be able to get an online quote

To save time, designers and engineers will also expect to find a tool to obtain a quote online.

As with BtoC sites, BtoB e-commerce sites must offer users an online purchasing tool.

Design professionals are basically just ordinary Internet users. They will only contact a salesperson if they really have to.

Today, Internet users have less and less confidence in salespeople and prefer to carry out 90% of the purchase process on their own.

Therefore, you should provide a quote request form or an online calculation tool to facilitate the act of purchasing.

If you want to learn more about the expectations of design professionals, we have compiled the results of a survey involving 150,720 designers and engineers.


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