Industrial Marketing Engagement Report

Understand the behavior of Industrial Engineers from our community

Our survey, completed by 1,476 users of the TraceParts CAD-content platform, reveals valuable insights for marketers.

To help you achieve the best engagement in your marketing campaigns with TraceParts, we carried out a survey to find out about the current marketing-related behavior and expectations of our members. Of the respondents, 81% stated that they are either the purchase decision maker or influential in the buying process.

A unique relationship

Our global community of 5.4 million engineers and designers comes to our platform to help them do their jobs. The breadth and quality of our CAD content, plus the ease with which they can access and apply it, means that they come back day after day, year after year.

New registrations are mounting at a rate of +33,000/month and unsubscribes are nearly zero. They come to us with a job to do and we deliver what they need to do it.

As a marketer you really couldn’t wish for a more loyal, positive and receptive audience.

Understand how your audience
connects with content

Our respondents are showing a strong desire for product-related information and an increasing loyalty to email as a marketing tool.

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Understand the behavior and expectations of engineers and designers when they interact with your marketing content.

Survey data includes:

  • Preferred sources of information
  • Expectations regarding contact follow-up
  • Content consumption preferences
  • Favored content types
  • Provision of contact details
  • Email marketing effectiveness
  • Banner advertising effectiveness