Engineering User Demographics by Product Categories

 Statistical Reports for CAD models Downloaded

Statistical Reports for CAD models Downloaded

The TraceParts Design Activity Reports allow you to find out who is downloading product information for the types of products your company manufactures. In other words, what categories of components are the most in demand and by whom.

In these statistical reports, you will find detailed information about the profile of design engineers who downloaded CAD models per product category, country, type of industry, job title, department and size of their company.

505 Catalogs

Mechanical Components

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131 Catalogs

Manufacturing Engineering

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15 Catalogs

Materials (Bar, Beams, Tubes, etc.)

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80 Catalogs

Materials Handling and Lifting Equipment

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265 Catalogs


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112 Catalogs

Sensors and Measurement Systems

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103 Catalogs


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93 Catalogs


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24 Catalogs

Vacuum Equipment

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100 Catalogs


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