• Who are the people downloading CAD models via TraceParts?

    The vast majority of people downloading CAD models from are engineers and designers in the mechanical engineering, electronics, electrical engineering and mechatronics industries.

    The feedback that we regularly receive from those engineers and designers shows that their number one priority is the ability to quickly identify and assess the parts that they can use in their design projects, which explains why they need CAD models!

  • We want to promote our products in specific countries. Whereabouts are the engineers and designers registered on TraceParts located?

    The engineers and designers using TraceParts are based in every part of the world. However, if your sales strategy involves targeting specific countries, we have the solution just for you!
    You can promote your products in the language(s) of your choosing. Additional languages can be also provided to support your products for absolutely no extra cost!

  • Why do you offer different CAD formats?

    We offer a wide range of CAD formats for downloading, because engineers and designers tend to prefer using a specific CAD model format geared towards their CAD software.
    The parts suppliers publishing their products on our platform do not need to provide us with all the CAD formats.
    TraceParts’ exclusive technology can convert CAD files into practically any format and instantly upload them ready for downloading.

  • Is it free to download the CAD models and datasheets for my products?

    Yes, engineers and designers first need to register on before they can enjoy completely free access to your CAD models and datasheets.
    The registration process is also free.

  • I’ve already got CAD models, but only for some of my products.

    Many manufacturers working with us for the first time are faced with the same problem! Here are some suggestions.
    – Focus on creating the CAD models for your bestselling product ranges or parts. You do not need to provide CAD models for all your products, but at least prioritize the products that are important for your company!
    – Depending on how complex your products are (in terms of the CAD models), TraceParts may be able to automatically generate the CAD models for you using our Parametric Data Creation Process. We will need to evaluate your product range to determine whether this option is suitable for you.
    – If you do not have any resources for creating your CAD models, TraceParts’ team of CAD experts can do it for you!

  • I already publish CAD models on my own website.

    That’s good news! If you have already achieved this important milestone, you might be wanting to promote your products among a vast community of designers and engineers, and give them the opportunity to download your CAD model in the format that they need.
    With a combined audience of over 28 million engineers and designers registered on the TraceParts Publishing Network, there can be no doubt that you will generate new business opportunities.

  • I like the idea of giving my customers the chance to download my CAD models in whatever format they need, but I don’t want to market my products on a platform alongside other manufacturers…

    We can develop a personalized website reflecting your brand identity that only presents your products and CAD models using the exclusive TraceParts technology. We can also harness powerful web services to seamlessly incorporate our technology straight into your existing website.
    Feel free to contact us, so that we can work together in deciding which option is best suited to your needs.

  • I’m afraid my products are copied by my competitors.

    Geometrical data of your products published by TraceParts are simplified. We don’t show the internal design of your parts and therefore none of your proprietary technology is being displayed. From a designers’ point of view, this makes your CAD files lighter to use and quicker to download. Designers still have all the information they really need to evaluate your components for the equipment they design.
    Your 3D models powered by TraceParts can be linked to your website WITHOUT being published on the TraceParts Publishing Network, meaning that you can control access to your 3D models.
    A username is required to download files from the TraceParts CAD-content platform, so you can keep track of who is downloading what from your catalog.

  • I don’t want to share my product’s key technical features that we’ve spent years developing!

    Rest assured that we will not disclose your intellectual property. We are able to simplify the CAD models that you may wish to publish so that customers and prospects can only see your products’ external geometry but not what is happening inside!
    Engineers can still select your parts to see if they will fit the rest of their assembly.

  • Can my customers order my products straight from TraceParts?

    No. People visiting the website as well as engineers and designers registered on will need to contact you or your sales rep directly if they want information about your prices, manufacturing times, etc.
    We make sure that your contact information is always displayed next to your products. You can also choose our option of adding a “request for quotation” button or forwarding visitors to an e-shop, so that your customers have no excuse for not getting in touch!

  • What sort of investment will I be looking at for publishing my CAD models on the TraceParts platform?

    There are several key parameters that we will need to review together before we can give you a clearer idea about the scale of the investment required. For example, are all your CAD models already available? How many product ranges and parts numbers are you looking to promote?
    Check out our publishing plans or call us directly for a free, no-obligation evaluation.

  • How long does a contract with TraceParts last?

    Here at TraceParts, we know how important it is to stay within budget. When you decide to work with TraceParts, your investment will be based on a fixed amount. That amount will be valid for a year after your contract begins.

  • What type of information must I provide to publish my product catalog on TraceParts?

    Very little information is required to publish a product catalog on the TraceParts CAD-content platform. The information that you must send to TraceParts is:
    – Your CAD files. If you do not have any, we can create them for you.
    – The list of your parts numbers, including information about your products in a spreadsheet (Excel): attributes, properties, etc.
    – Your company’s logo – on a white background with a minimum height of 40 pixels.
    Other information about your company is recommended, but not essential.
    If you are a supplier of PCB footprints and electronic symbols, or if you have Revit files, contact us directly.

  • What solutions are available for publishing the CAD models for my products?

    Two solutions are available for publishing your products’ CAD models.
    The first solution involves sending all your product data to TraceParts, and we will take care of the rest. With this solution, you can publish your CAD models on the TraceParts platform and your own website.
    The second solution is available to companies wishing to publish fewer than 250 product parts numbers. If that applies to your company, you can publish your product data with the smart-Publishing solution by entering your metadata in an Excel table.