3D printing: 5 advantages to promote among your customers and prospects

12-11-2019 Priscillia Granval

As with any sector, when you want to close a sale and convert your prospects, you need to know how to capture their interest and determine the needs. When working in the 3D printing and additive manufacturing sector, convincing prospects is sometimes an uphill struggle.

Since they are dealing with a relatively immature market, sector professionals need to know how they can showcase products and services in a bid to generate new business opportunities.

Carrying out in-depth research on your audience will shed light on the questions that they are asking, their objectives, their challenges, their needs and the way in which they look for information.

This article will reveal the undeniable benefits and advantages of 3D printing that you should promote among your customers and prospects.

1. Reduced cost

The first advantage that you should drive home is the reduced development and production costs.

3D printing drives down production chain costs.

Therefore, this innovation is prompting manufacturers to re-engineer the whole of their usual production processes.

In terms of development, it can rein in prototyping costs, since prototypes can be created more quickly and easily.

As for production, there is no longer any need to launch large-scale production runs, which therefore reduces costs and represents a considerable competitive advantage, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Companies can innovate and create new products without having to invest in a new assembly line or milling machines.

2. Faster production process

Additive manufacturing offers a key advantage for all manufacturers: time savings. This lowers their costs and enables them to retain their competitive edge.

The gains relate to both prototyping and production.

The R&D teams will be able to spring into action faster and create a number of tests without having to resort to time-consuming processes.

Additive manufacturing will also cut out a significant number of steps in the production process, which equates to a shorter time-to-market and a greater competitive advantage.

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3. Superior design flexibility

Since the prototyping process is easier, faster and more cost-effective, it is only logical that it will be simpler for the R&D teams to create prototypes and upgrade their products more quickly in line with demand.

To keep up with the competition, manufacturers need to be fast-acting and attuned to their customers’ needs.

In this case, 3D printing offers a tremendous advantage that you should not forget to promote!

4. Customer satisfaction

Last and by no means least: enhance customer satisfaction!

Happy customers are essential for a company’s long-term prospects.

Today, everyone is looking for customized products and short turnaround times.

3D printing offers a huge advantage, since it can be used to quickly manufacture products in small numbers. Therefore, a company that has invested in additive manufacturing will have a major advantage over its competitors. It will be able to broaden its product range for a minimal investment.

This particular point should be emphasized when touting the benefits of 3D printing solutions.

5. Quality

The quality of the finished product will also have an impact on the company.

Thanks to 3D printing and the resulting reduction in costs, the R&D teams can produce more prototypes and tweak them before launching production.

Quality can also be checked during the manufacturing process.

As such, it will be important to show the quality of your products and services, since manufacturers will see it as a major advantage.

Sometimes it is hard to demonstrate the advantages of your products to a reluctant and relatively immature audience. But as we have seen, 3D printing is revolutionizing the industrial world.

A company wishing to ensure its long-term prospects will need to innovate, so now is the time to unleash this innovation’s advantages!


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