4 mistakes that can lead to the launch of your component catalog being unsuccessful

11-10-2018 Audrey Varin

Are you preparing to launch a component catalog? Maybe you have just done so? Be careful not to make one of the four following mistakes or the launch of your component catalog could turn into a fiasco!


1. You are not online

Today, providing your component catalog just in paper format is no longer sufficient.

Industrial buyers are increasingly connected and use the internet to help them make buying decisions on their own and at their own pace.

Notably, they use search engines and social networks.

If you are not visible online, you have no chance of attracting their attention and the launch of your component catalog will inevitably suffer.


2. Your CAD models are not available in 3D

As we have already discussed, limiting yourself to a paper catalog launch no longer meets buyers’ expectations.

In addition, it is also important to consider the emerging needs and behavior of designers to ensure the successful launch your component catalog.

Today, most design studies are done in 3D.

However, as a component manufacturer your goal is to make your customers lives easier. This is also what industrial buyers expect.

Launching a new component catalog without taking the time to offer CAD models – in the right format! – will have a negative impact your sales.


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3. Your communication strategy is no longer relevant

As we have just seen, it is essential to publish you catalog of products online. But that is not all.

Since the way people make purchases in industry has changed, it is essential that you review the way you sell. You must modernize your communication strategy.

As industrial buyers are more connected and autonomous in their decisions, they expect you to make their life easier, and you should put in place a communication strategy that responds to any questions or problems they encounter in their decision-making.

You can no longer simply promote your industrial components.

You must provide buyers with assistance.

Your communication strategy must be aimed at this goal. The content you publish must give added value to industrial buyers.
With this in mind, it is essential that you know your target inside out.

What are the daily issues they encounter? What are the questions they ask? How do they get information? Do they use search engines? Social networks? Specialist websites?
By answering these questions, you will be able to build the perfect communication strategy to successfully launch your component catalog.


4. You have not yet launched your communication campaign

This is a common mistake that we encounter with industrial component manufacturers.

Since time is short, you devote yourself solely to building your new range of components and leave your communication by the wayside, thinking everything will come together on launch day.

This is a mistake.

To successfully launch your industrial components, it is essential to start communicating well in advance of the launch!


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