PERJES, a leading player in the electromagnetism market, publishes its product catalog on the TraceParts.com engineering platform

04-03-2020 Audrey Varin

Saint-Romain, France – March 04, 2020 – PERJES, a manufacturer of innovative electromagnetic locking systems, has placed its trust in TraceParts to publish its range on the www.traceparts.com website. 

For more than 30 years, PERJES has been offering an extensive array of magnetic holders, access control systems, anti-drift locking systems, magnetic security locks and electromagnets for countless industries, including automation, defense, aviation, transport, and building security. 

Uploading part of our online catalog to the TraceParts platform will create a more modern user experience for our customers and prospects thanks to the 3D parts viewer. 

Designers can easily find the product that they need, download the model in the required format and incorporate it directly into their design.  

In addition, the fact that the 3D models for our parts can be reused both legally and freely in the neutral or native CAD format by our customers and prospects means that we can more easily address the demand for CAD files.

explains Adrien-Jules Duvernois, President of PERJES

Designers and engineers around the world can now preview and download over 22,000 PERJES CAD files via the TraceParts website and its partners in the TraceParts Publishing Network.  



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PERJES has been manufacturing innovative electromagnetic locking systems since 1988. PERJES offers an extensive range of magnetic holders, access control systems, anti-drift mechanisms, magnetic security locks and electromagnets made exclusively in France. 

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