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Latest Press Releases

 New TracePartsOnline.net Raises the Bar for Delivering Product Content

Free 3D CAD models and product specifications have never been so easy to download.

 TraceParts 3D Catalogs Receive Autodesk Inventor 2012 Certification.

100+ million native 3D models are just mouse clicks away from Inventor User Community.

 TraceParts presents an iPad to the 1,000,000th member of its 3D catalog community TracePartsOnline.net

TraceParts, a leading global provider of 3D marketing solutions, awarded a prize of an Apple iPad to the lucky one millionth registered user of TracePartsOnline.net on 24 January 2011.

 TraceParts Online 3D Catalogs Freely Available to All SpaceClaim Users

100 million native 3D models immediately downloadable from www.tracepartsonline.net/ws/spaceclaim
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Success Stories

Greater efficiency and enhanced customer service thanks to CAD download service

"You could say that with the CAD download service we're in a win-win situation. Our customers are benefiting from shorter design times and so can cut their product development costs. On the other side, we've been able to reduce our internal process costs and expand our market position through enhanced customer service." concludes Hartmut Schlee, eBusiness Manager at J. Schmalz GmbH.
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New parts catalogs available on

tracepartsonline.net portal





New features

On April 4th, TraceParts has launched the all new version of its tracepartsonline.net 3D catalog portal:
  • Improved user experience with a completely redesigned user interface
  • New features to improve design productivity
    • new and updated catalogs are highlighted right from the home page, to quickly access to new content.
    • the type of content (for catalogs and products) is clearly displayed during the navigation and the search, so that users know which product has 3D and/or 2D and/or documents and if the 'Request For Quotation' feature is active or not.
    • possibility to comment the parts and to share those comments with all users.
    • possibility to create favorite catalogs, categories, products and part numbers.
    • list of the latest CAD file downloads for each user, with direct link to the right part.
    • possibility to directly download the CAD model without first having to add it to the download center.
  • New formats: SpaceClaim and Kompas 3D native and STL 3D
  • New languages: Romanian and Serbian

e-Marketing Services

Boost your business by targeting technical, design, processing planning and purchasing departments.

tracepartsonline.net, the leading B2B portal for Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

 Over 1 million registered users - 5 million page views / month
 220,000 unique visitors / month
 Over 450,000 addresses available for your email blasts

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The TraceParts Team

A little more about us and our core values
At TraceParts we care about people; not just about advanced 3D technologies and expert software development. We care about our customers, partners and employees; because we know our value-added services and solutions rely above all on long-term human relationships.

This is why we will introduce you to one member of the TraceParts dream team in each of our corporate newsletters!

 Whats your name? What's your position within TraceParts?
My name is Olivier Chivet. I am 38 years old and I work as a project manager in the R&D team.

 How long have you been working for TraceParts for?
I joined TraceParts in November 1999 after replying to a job advertisement at Calais University where I was finishing my master's.

 What is your job about?
When I started, I was assigned to work on some custom development projects for specific customers.
When the TraceParts DVD application was marketed, I was put in charge of managing its setup program. That is why I am often contacted by the support department in case of a problem when installing and configuring TraceParts DVD on user workstations.
Over the last few years, I have been particularly working on ways of automatically integrating data from part manufacturers into our system in a bid to lighten the workload on the modeling department and also distribute manufacturers' data over our TracePartsOnline.net website more quickly and more effectively.

 What do you want to achieve for TraceParts in the next years?
I would like to continue developing tools for automatically integrating suppliers' data into the TraceParts catalogs, such as improving process performance. I would also like TraceParts to sign more contracts in Japan or the US, so that we can reach out to as many users as possible.

 What do you do after work, during your free time?
My main hobby is genealogy, because I am very attached to my roots. Researching a family tree is very time-consuming, because you can sometimes search for hours without actually getting a result. To relax, I play the bass a bit. I am also into photography.

 How can the newsletter readers contact you and why is this important to you?
You can email me at info@traceparts.com with any technical questions, such as adding extra functionality into the TraceParts software, or if you would like to automate integration of your data into our website, or why not if you are interested in becoming part of the TraceParts R&D team.

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Sobre a TraceParts

A TraceParts ajuda fornecedores de peças, de software de projeto e engenharia, de hardware de computador e de impressão 3D e prototipagem rápida a promover seus produtos e serviços.
Promova seu catálogo de produtos como conteúdo CAD 3D
Se você é um fabricante ou um distribuidor de peças, as soluções de catálogos da TraceParts aumentam a taxa de retenção de clientes, geram oportunidades prontas para venda altamente qualificadas e incrementam as vendas! Fale conosco para obter mais detalhes.
Promova seus produtos graças a serviços de marketing digital
Se você tem como alvo engenheiros e profissionais de projeto com seus produtos e serviços, temos o público-alvo certo para você!Entre em contato com especialistas em marketing digital
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