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Latest Press Releases  Running Snail Racing Team ‾ very good results in 2008
The Running Snail Racing Team of the Amberg-Weiden College sponsored by TraceParts has once again achieved numerous successes in the 2008 season.

 TraceParts Announces its second Christmas Tree Design Contest
All CAD users are invited to design in 3D the Christmas tree of their dreams.

  Swimming from Europe to Africa
An employee of TraceParts crosses the Straits of Gibraltar.

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Success Stories

FACOM offers a new key to productivity

"TraceParts is the only one that is capable of offering that type of service. [...] Their offer answered our own specifications for productivity, user-friendliness and close working relationships from a technical standpoint as well as for recognition in the industrial world. In fact, our biggest customers use TraceParts themselves", explains Hervé GOMAS, Manager for Marketing and R&D of Facom.
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Siam Ringspann and TraceParts: shared values of innovation and service

"The tools for monitoring the downloads were an innovation that we appreciated and use often. Moreover, we regularly use TraceParts press releases that they use to announce new products to their client base. In the beginning we had a technical request and the solution showed itself to be a true tool for sales and marketing. Like Siam, TraceParts knows how to innovate and we share the same values concerning service provided to the client, the same enthusiasm in our respective specialties. These are a good basis for a long-term partnership." specifies Françoise Pfister, CEO of Siam Ringspann France. Find out more...

SNR and TraceParts: computer tools to communication tools

"TraceParts has been able to partner with us while respecting our choices; we continue to benefit from its technical expertise and we benefit today from its international reputation. The presence of our equipment product line in their online library is an important addition to our public presence and fits perfectly within the NTN SNR group's geographic growth strategy. It actually improves the visibility of our brand and our products in Europe and beyond. We know that the TraceParts site is utilized and appreciated by our major customers and we regularly observe that it is a popular resource for business users all over the world who would like to be part of that group" recalls Axel Rocher, Marketing manager for the industrial markets at SNR. Find out more...

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New Parts Catalogs
New parts catalogs available on tracepartsonline.net portal

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