Global Connector Technology’s product catalog now available on TraceParts.com

  • Helena Tomic
  • Helena Tomic

Global Connector Technology (GCT), a manufacturer of world-class PCB connector and cable assembly solutions, has partnered with TraceParts to publish its 3D product catalog online, making it available in 70+ formats and download-ready for the 4.7 million engineers and designers registered on TraceParts.com.

Connector solutions engineered to the highest standards

As a member of the Aloco Group, GCT is an established manufacturer of essential electronic interconnect products, bespoke PCB connectors and custom cable assemblies. With an extensive product range, companies from a broad range of industries worldwide trust GCT to enable connectivity within their designs. With 35000+ customers and more than 800 million products sold globally, GCT has been pioneering the very best in electronic interconnects for over 30 years.

Global Connector Technology has been dominant in sections of the micro and Type-C USB market for many years and continues to add new and innovative products. It recently introduced an updated FFC connector range with a fully automated manufacturing process, which enables them price competitiveness without compromising on product quality. Products are compliant with a broad selection of standards and are manufactured to industry and regulatory principles.

Getting GCT connectors into your designs couldn’t be easier

To make the design process simpler for Engineers and Designers, GCT provides them with a wealth of supporting tools and materials (from PCB footprint layouts, to datasheets and express samples) to ensure they quickly and easily choose the best possible solution for a given application.

To fully assist its customers and help them with their design processes, GCT decided to make its components visible with TraceParts.

To continue to be a key player in our field we must evolve to support the design engineers of the digital age and to keep in the design cycle loop. Ying Lei, Marketing Administrator

DC Jacks, Memory Card Connectors, Mod Jacks, SIM Card Connectors and USB Connectors are published on TraceParts.com, all available for download in multiple native CAD formats. Engineers and designers can easily import them directly into their CAD projects. The component selection process of GCT’s products has completely evolved thanks to TraceParts.


Want to make your components visible with TraceParts? Find out more about the benefits when publishing a 3D Catalog with TraceParts.

Helena Tomic

Helena Tomić, Marketing Specialist



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