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 The 2010 eCatalog Conference on the right track for success.
85 e-catalog experts already registered to the event organized on March 3 by TraceParts and its software partners.

 3D Content Provider TraceParts Strengthens its Italian Business Operations.
TraceParts S.R.L. now directly supports the 50,000+ Italian CAD engineers and component suppliers already using TraceParts solutions.

 TraceParts 3D catalogs presented at the SolidWorks World 2010 Conference.
The first 3DContentCentral content partner demonstrates its 10-year commitment to the SolidWorks community.

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"TraceParts gives us greater control over our production facilities"

"The more we use standardized products for the different machines, the faster and easier it is to troubleshoot machinery or configure them for new products. The TraceParts library is very rich and the easy search feature could lead to an explosion in the number of references used. In TraceParts, we have found a solution to reach our standardization objectives." says Stphane Charvin, Project manager in the Special Machines Department at Tfal. Find out more...

Michelin success thanks to a personalized CAD library that is universal & unique

"TraceParts was able to prove its skills in providing quality models even the most complex as well as its ability to personalize its product according to our requirements. [...] The continuous addition of catalogues and associated tools as well as TraceParts rigorous attentiveness to our specifications makes TraceParts a key element in our standardization policy and its success." Find out more...

TraceParts and Contrinex, the sensor manufacturer unlike any other.

"TraceParts once again proved to be an expert partner during the seamless integration of our native and neutral 3D CAD data into our new web site. The ideas and suggestions for the implementation process demonstrated the comprehensive expertise that TraceParts has acquired in this area over the years. Rapid access to all the product models brings major benefits for us and our customers. TraceParts has always focused on ensuring that our requirements were implemented quickly and flexibly." specifies Claudia Blackburn, Marketing Manager at Contrinex. Find out more...

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A little more about us and our core values
At TraceParts we care about people; not just about advanced 3D technologies and expert software development. We care about our customers, partners and employees; because we know our value-added services and solutions rely above all on long-term human relationships.

This is why we will introduce you to one member of the TraceParts dream team in each of our corporate newsletters!

 Whats your name? What's your position within the company?
My name is Gabriel Guigue. I am TraceParts Managing Director.
 How long have you been working for TraceParts for?
For 11 years already... I suddenly feel much older!
 Please tell us what your job is about
I like to describe my daily job as an orchestra conductor, making sure the TraceParts soloists play their very best while listening carefully to the rest of the orchestra, and vice versa, to deliver the best music to the customers.
 Tell us what you want to achieve for TraceParts in the next years
My goal is to strengthen TraceParts leading position in the global engineering content business by developing best-in-class software technologies and business solutions. Weve been publishing parts catalogs for 20 years, from floppy disks to high-end Web services, and Im convinced we have the most talented and experienced team to bring disruptive 3D marketing solutions to suppliers from all industries.
 What do you do after work, during your free time?
Im a fan of Judo (Im a black belt since Im 16), jogging, rugby and home gardening but what I love above all is to spend time with my family.
 How can the newsletter readers contact you and why is this important to you? via Email: info@traceparts.com, to share any idea related to the creation and publishing of 3D parts data or even to discuss about why thousands of catalogs are still missing on www.tracepartsonline.net We're just at the very early stage of the 3D Marketing Revolution and any feedback is welcome!
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