TraceParts News  |  May 2012
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 Latest Press Releases
 Success Stories
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 The TraceParts Team

Latest Press Releases

Autodesk 2013

 TraceParts 3D Catalogs Reach Autodesk Inventor 2013 Certification

Over 100 million native 3D models available free of charge to the Inventor User Community


 Over 15,000 FCI Connectors 3D Models Powered by TraceParts Technology

FCI Expands Design-In Support with 25+ CAD Formats Online


 TracePartsOnline.net 3D Part Library celebrates 10th Anniversary with Record Breaking Traffic Numbers.

TraceParts free engineering portal delivered over 26.5 million CAD models and had 2.5 million unique visitors in 2011.
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Success Stories

TraceParts clearly puts SFA on the international radar of naval architecture firms around the world

"Another reason for choosing TraceParts is that its portal is used around the world and we were looking to reach out to design firms that had not heard of us. In this area as well, TraceParts lived up to our expectations, since over 2,000 models are now downloaded every year, and enquiries come from companies and design firms mainly outside France." says Eric Marchand, Chief Marketing Officer for the SFA Group's Industries business

TENTE: a smooth ride with TraceParts

"Some of our industrial customers were regularly asking for 3D CAD files. So we gave them access to our models on our website. Furthermore, we noticed that many customers were using the TraceParts component libraries to speed up their design process. Meeting customers' expectations is a company tradition, and in this particular case we were guaranteed to have the right partner on board!" explains Isabelle Margerie, chief marketing officer for the French Tente subsidiary

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New part catalogs available on TracePartsOnline.net portal



e-Marketing Services
Boost your business by targeting technical, design, processing planning and purchasing departments.

TracePartsOnline.net, the leading B2B portal for Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

 Over 1,3 million registered users
 5 million page views / month
 400,000 unique visitors / month
 Over 550,000 addresses available for your email blasts

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The TraceParts Team

A little more about us and our core values
At TraceParts we care about people; not just about advanced 3D technologies and expert software development. We care about our customers, partners and employees; because we know our value-added services and solutions rely above all on long-term human relationships.

This is why we're introducing you to one member of the TraceParts dream team in each of our corporate newsletters!

 Whats your name? What's your position within TraceParts?
My name is Bertrand Cressent and I am the Product Manager for the TracePartsOnline.net portal.

 How long have you been working for TraceParts for?
I started in November 1998. I was initially responsible for enriching the content of the "TraceParts 3D" and "TraceParts 2D" CAD libraries, which were only available as offline versions at the time. Then I began playing an active role in the different changes to the TracePartsOnline.net website, from its creation in 2001 through to the present day. For a few years, I administered the catalog database for TraceParts DVD and TracePartsOnline.net.

 What is your job about?
I work on developing the TracePartsOnline.net website in coordination with the different TraceParts departments (R&D, catalog modeling, sales, marketing, etc.) in the many countries in which our company is active. My aim is to always offer more features and content to our 1.3 million subscribers, so that they have access to all the information needed to produce quality designs fast. As for part manufacturers looking to promote their products to a global audience, our portal gives them a tremendous marketing showcase, while enabling them to bridge the gap with their end users.

 What do you want to achieve for TraceParts in the next years?
My ambition is to open TraceParts to a number of new users, both business professionals and private individuals, in new areas of activity around the world on a large number of media. The aim is to ensure that TraceParts continues to maintain its status as the ideal platform for disseminating reliable, high-quality information between component manufacturers and their users.

 What do you do after work, during your free time?
Most of my free time is spent working on a barn conversion, which was built in 1893. I enjoy discovering all sorts of things relating to culture and history, and I spend a lot of time watching movies, listening to music, reading up on the world and thumbing through books on history and current affairs. I love cooking, especially desserts, which I sometimes try out on my colleagues - for better or sometimes for worse.

 How can the newsletter readers contact you and why is this important to you?
You can write to me at bc@traceparts.com if you wish to share your views on creating and distributing content via our website. TracePartsOnline.net is also present on all the main social networks, which you can use to contact us.

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