Cool New Products Newsletter for Engineers & Designers #26

March 2022 – A collection of Cool New products from the CAD world selected by TraceParts.

  • Custom-Engineer Designs in MinutesAutomation speeds up Creation of Quotes, Drawings, and Models
  • Our connectors go beyondSource your connectors from TTI, Inc.
  • Improve your efficiency Deploy real-time simulation
  • Best Practices for Sheet Metal PartsQuick Guide
  • Create and manage a single, accurate BOMHow to do it efficiently?
  • Multi-Material 3D PrintingAt your fingertips!




Cool New Products for Engineers & Designers

Cool New Industrial Products selected by TraceParts

Custom-Engineer Designs in Minutes

Automation speeds up Creation of Quotes, Drawings, and Models

Historically, the significant expenses associated with engineering have reduced profit margins, so numerous approaches have been formulated to cut process time. Most have been point solutions that can be helpful but are not applicable across the board. DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER to learn how design automation enables you to work smarter and faster while enhancing innovation.

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Our connectors go beyond

Source your connectors from TTI, Inc.

Here at TTI Europe, we specialize in distributing connectors and interconnect solutions from top suppliers recognized around the world. We carry stock of ready-made connector components and we also have the ability to custom-create the connector to fit your unique application.

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Improve your efficiency

Deploy real-time simulation

This best practice guide suggests 5 helpful steps that will support validating products’ ability to meet design requirements, and optimize them for weight, strength and any other desired qualities. With real-time simulation you can reduce the number of iterations and loops and shorten time to market!

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Best Practices for Sheet Metal Parts

Quick Guide

To achieve the most cost-effective and timely delivery of any machined or fabricated component, it’s crucial to understand the core best practices ultimately to save time, money and improve quality.
These are essential, best practices when purchasing or designing Sheet Metal parts.
Download your copy of Best Practices for Sheet Metal Parts Procurement and Design.


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Create and manage a single, accurate BOM

How to do it efficiently?

Everyday products are more complex than ever, which makes creating a complete and accurate BOM so difficult.

The ebook, “How do I efficiently create and manage a single, accurate BOM,” highlights the challenges associated with BOM creation and management while offering a more simplified solution.


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Multi-Material 3D Printing

At your fingertips!

Discover the Stratasys J35 is the all-in-one Solution.

Office Friendly, you get all the benefits of an in-house, engineering-grade 3D printer without the hassle. High-Fidelity, preliminary prototypes can now look, feel and function like the final product. Save Time and Money, Design steps that were once outsourced can now be created in-house in a fraction of the time
Find them easily. Order them instantly. Receive delivery quickly.


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