Cool New Products Newsletter for Engineers & Designers #30

July 2022 – A collection of Cool New products from the CAD world selected by TraceParts.

  • The new go-to componentsfor Quick & easy locking without the use of tools
  • Sensor SolutionsFor Your Smart Buildings Applications
  • IP67 EtherCAT I/O Series Decentralized acquisition of intrinsically safe signals
  • IO-Link Valve PositionersDigital positioner for pneumatic control valves
  • Hydrogen Pressure MeasurementThe right solution for every application
  • Reliable Slurry PumpFor solids handling applications

Cool New Industrial Products selected by TraceParts

The new go-to components

for Quick & easy locking without the use of tools

One Touch Fasteners provide secure, reliable clamping at the turn of a handle or push of a button. Quickly lock and unlock fixture plates, covers, machine components and more, with no time wasted tightening old-school screws and nuts. Quarter turn, button locking, pin holding and magnetic types are available, as well as full stainless steel versions. Ideal for quick changeover applications.


Sensor Solutions

For Your Smart Buildings Applications

Within the very complex area of smart buildings, Sensata Technologies makes life easy. Our sensors will help you achieve more efficient pumps, boilers, home heating solutions air conditioning and refrigeration systems, access control applications, and more. Check out our Sensata sensor solutions, which helps increase energy efficiency.

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IP67 EtherCAT I/O Series

Decentralized acquisition of intrinsically safe signals

With the new EPX module series, Beckhoff now offers a compact option for Ex i signal acquisition from zones 0/20 and 1/21 as an addition to the wide range of EtherCAT Box modules. With robust IP67 protection, they enable direct and decentralized installation in machines and systems, even in harsh environments.

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IO-Link Valve Positioners

Digital positioner for pneumatic control valves

Valves that control process and auxiliary media reliably and precisely are an important component in the digitisation of process plants. Schubert & Salzer Control Systems are now offering the latest generation of their tried-and-tested 8049 digital positioner for pneumatic control valves with IO-Link. Important diagnostic data…

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Hydrogen Pressure Measurement

The right solution for every application

Hydrogen is considered a difficult medium because its particularly small molecules can penetrate even stainless steel and also damage a material’s structure causing embrittlement or cracks. It is therefore extremely important that measuring devices for hydrogen applications are made of the right materials.

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Reliable Slurry Pump

For solids handling applications

The Sulzer PLR slurry pump range is designed to handle liquids with a high solids content. Its wide selection of high-quality construction materials ensures exceptional resistance against wear in all pumping applications for abrasive and corrosive liquids. As response to the growing demand in the slurry pumping market the PLR slurry pump range was expanded.

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