Cool New Products Newsletter for Engineers & Designers #50

March 2024 – A collection of Cool New products from the CAD world selected by TraceParts.

  • Finder KNX products rangeGreater energy savings and improved comfort
  • RECOM Power Plug-and-Play RailwaysRMD150-UW and RMD300-UW
  • „Smart“ lifting pointACP-TURNADO: New sizes up to M100 / 4″
  • IDC RAST 2.5 Connector DesignThrough hole design for easy assembly 
  • Experience the Power of Greater Knowledge Reuse Download the ebook for more information
  • Infineon SiC solutionsPower is a dish best served cool
Cool New Industrial Products selected by TraceParts
News from: Mouser, Solidworks, EBVElektronik, Finder, Rud and TE Connectivity
Cool New Products for Engineers & Designers
Finder KNX products range

Finder KNX products range

Greater energy savings and improved comfort

Finder’s range of KNX devices is designed to be easily integrated in a wide range of building automation projects, in environments such as commercial buildings, industries, offices, homes, public places, schools and more.

Finder KNX solutions, quality and reliability made in Europe, even for building automation.

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RECOM Power Plug-and-Play Railways

RECOM Power Plug-and-Play Railways

RMD150-UW and RMD300-UW

Featuring 150W and 300W power ratings and an ultra-wide input voltage range of 24VDC to 110VDC. Both are fully EN50155 compliant.

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„Smart“ lifting point

 „Smart“ lifting point

ACP-TURNADO: New sizes up to M100 / 4″

More safety for load and crane! Up to 30% more WLL compared to lifting points of comparable design and size from other suppliers guarantees the intelligent RUD ACP-TURNADO. Benefit from more ergonomics and efficiency! The ACP-TURNADO is now available in sizes up to M100 / 4″. Optimal for the heavy-duty sector.

3D CAD data of the ACP-TURNADO can be found on Traceparts!

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IDC RAST 2.5 Connector Design

IDC RAST 2.5 Connector Design

Through hole design for easy assembly 

Monoplug 2.5 connectors, compliant with RAST standards, simplify wire-to-board assembly with their through-hole design, negating the need for separate covers. They accommodate different applications and can be processed using a range of applicator tools, from basic bench tools to advanced harness-making machines.

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Capture your organisation's know-how

Experience the Power of Greater Knowledge Reuse

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Does your company have an effective system in place for leveraging existing ideas, information, and engineering items? If not, you’re certainly not alone. The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform promotes knowledge sharing and encourages the reuse of past experiences and designs, removing the non-value-added work that, according to TechClarity research, engineering teams spend 33% of their time doing.

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Infineon SiC solutions

Infineon SiC solutions

Power is a dish best served cool

Infineon’s SiC portfolio addresses today’s design needs for smarter, more efficient energy generation, transmission and consumption. EBV and Infineon can help you explore SiC to meet long-term system cost savings and other design goals. Download valuable design resources, listen to our latest podcast episodes, and watch how our customer Stercom implemented SiC modules in their on-board chargers.

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