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Amphenol PCD, a company specializing in interconnect products, has decided to put its components catalog online on the TraceParts CAD-content platform. In this article, find out why Amphenol PCD made this strategic choice.

Amphenol PCD: high-quality interconnect products

Amphenol PCD, a subsidiary of Amphenol Corporation, is one of the world’s leading suppliers of interconnect products for Military and commercial Aerospace applications. Located north of Boston in Beverly, Massachusetts, the company designs and manufactures a wide range of products – System Attachments, Junction Modules, Relay Sockets, Rectangular & Circular connectors, Backshells, Dust Caps, Cable Assemblies, and Adapters. Each product is made and engineered with the highest quality standards in the industry. With facilities in North America and Asia, Amphenol PCD products are chosen by hundreds of OEMs around the world, reliant on Amphenol’s technical excellence, a global network of distributors, and cost-effective solutions for custom systems.


CAD models for time-saving design

Today’s designers work in an information-driven environment. Fast access to detailed technical models and documentation allows users of Amphenol PCD products to quickly validate their designs in CAD, helping ensure “build it right the first time” chances of success. Indeed, by offering comprehensive CAD models and detailed documentation, it empowers engineers and designers to make informed decisions, reduce errors, and streamline their development processes.

Amphenol PCD partners with TraceParts

When Amphenol PCD sought to enhance access to its CAD and information libraries, it turned to the experiences of its corporate sister divisions. Two divisions had already found tremendous value in TraceParts, a trusted name in the industry. A quick review of TraceParts’ services revealed a significant improvement in accessibility and maintainability compared to Amphenol PCD’s existing practices.

The TraceParts team was a pleasure to work with, ensuring a smooth transition from our existing, text-driven search and download mechanism to the easy-to-use, visually aided dynamic search tool in the TraceParts system.
We’re looking forward to improving our user experience now that we are up and running with TraceParts.

John Whittaker, Product Marketing & Business Development Manager at Amphenol PCD

More than 5 million engineers and designers now have quick and easy access to Amphenol product data, thanks to the publication of its catalog on the TraceParts CAD-content platform.

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