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3 revelations about the way customers purchase in industry

03-10-2018 Audrey Varin

Business has been changing for some years now in the world of industry: the most dynamic countries in the industrial sector, such as the US, Brazil and China, have all experienced a downturn, whereas developing countries are growing rapidly. As an observer watching these emerging businesses take a greater share of the market, you are […]

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4 common mistakes that prevent component manufacturers from generating leads

01-10-2018 Priscillia Granval

Buyers are increasingly connected. As a component manufacturer, your website needs to be a major source of sales leads. Is this not the case with your website? Below, we look at 4 common mistakes that prevent component manufacturers from generating leads.   1. Your website is not optimized to convert visitors into leads In order […]

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Component manufacturers: 3 reasons why your online advertising campaigns fail

25-09-2018 Priscillia Granval

When you are a component manufacturer, using the internet to develop sales is a good idea. However, while taking short-cuts in order to get maximum return on investment can pay off, it can also be risky. This is notably the case if online advertising campaigns are poorly prepared. Below are three reasons that explain why […]

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3 prerequisites for communicating about your new industrial components

24-09-2018 Audrey Varin

The successful launch of your industrial components is not played out on D-day. To effectively communicate about the launch your new industrial components, it is essential to prepare well ahead of time. How? Here are three prerequisites to implement as soon as possible.   1. Analyze your market To successfully launch your component catalog, it […]

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3 major obstacles that prevent component suppliers from generating leads.

19-09-2018 Audrey Varin

Generating qualified leads online is crucial for component suppliers. Are you struggling to generate qualified leads? Are your leads not sufficiently qualified? Here are 3 obstacles that might be preventing you from reaching your objectives.   1. You do not have enough online visibility. To generate high-quality leads from your website, you must first attract […]

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