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Makerbot   Additive Manufacturing in Automotive
Presented by MakerBot & Fusion 360

They don’t call it disruptive for nothing. Additive manufacturing is not only transforming the way we make things; it’s changing how engineers think. Forget the limitations imposed by conventional manufacturing methods and open your eyes to the design possibilities. On Dec 8, join leaders in automotive and learn how they are utilizing additive manufacturing, followed by a live generative design workshop hosted by Fusion 360°.
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3DGENCE   Benefits of 3D printing
3DGence and Balluff case study

The implementation of 3D printing inside the company has a number of benefits. With this technology, Balluff’s engineers can design completely new assembly elements, that are extension of a ready company solution. Learn more about the benefits of implementing 3D printing technology at global supplier of solutions for all areas of automation.
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Mike Moceri
  The key to scaling up a 3D printing service: syncing engineering, sales and clients
Mike Moceri, the startup’s founder, had realized from first-hand experience that dealing with multiple clients while managing the workflow of projects presented many efficiency challenges. Yet, no solution to meet these challenges existed on the market.
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Experts   How to integrate 3D printing in your company
Experts give their advice!

Today, 3D printing technologies are changing the way companies manufacture some parts. In fact, by integrating additive manufacturing into a company, it is possible to rethink the production process of various parts – from prototypes to end-use parts – in a more optimal way.
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Leopoly   Leopoly: a modeling software for 3D and Virtual Reality
Leopoly are several cloud-based 3D modeling tools, designed for both beginners and advanced users. They have been designed to meet the needs of the 3D printing market, but also the virtual reality and augmented reality space, offering several functionalities such as designing 3D models and visualising them very easily in a 3D environment.
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