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Xometry, Intamsys, BeAM and Fabrisonic: they make the world of 3d evolve…
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Xometry   E-book: 3D Printing Trends for 2020
3D printing technologies have continued to evolve, adapt, and reinvent themselves. Four trends are setting the scene for 3D printing in 2020, helping additive become ever more versatile and deliver even better prototypes and end use parts. Learn about these trends and more in Xometry’s new e-book written by additive expert Greg Paulsen.
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BeAM and Siemens   BeAM and Fabrisonic 3D prints sensors into rocket fuel pipe for NASA
Fabrisonic, a specialist in solid-state metal AM, has once again teamed up with Luna Innovations, a manufacturer of medical, telecommunications, energy and defense technologies, to showcase the potential of its Ultrasonic Additive Manufacturing (UAM) process. In this particular project, the partners were enlisted by NASA to gather data from cryogenic fuel pipes for rocket test stands.
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NVIDIA   NVIDIA researchers train DIB-R AI to create 3D printable models from 2D images in milliseconds
Graphics processor inventor nVidia has been taking a much closer look at 3D printing recently, especially as GPU based AI systems become increasingly relevant in understanding and managing the enormous amount of data that goes into digitalizing the physical world.
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MIT   MIT researchers presented automated system for designing and 3D printing actuators
A team of MIT researchers have created an automated process for designing and 3D printing complex robotic actuators with variable properties.
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GE Healthcare   GE Healthcare pairs up with Advanced Solutions on regenerative tissue manufacturing
Following in the – very successful – footsteps of its sister companies GE Additive, GE Aerospace, and GE Oil and Gas, now GE Healthcare is starting to seriously look at 3D printing.
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