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23-12-2019 Audrey Varin

Meeting future market demand for safe, efficient, and reliable vehicles begins with harnessing new technologies that rely on cleaner forms of energy. Long-haul trucks carry what is needed to where it is needed quickly and affordably. Without trucking, life as we know it would not be possible. To help make diesel engines greener, manufacturers have […]

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13th TraceParts Christmas Tree Construction Competition: The winners have been announced

20-12-2019 Stefan Kolb

Just in time for the Christmas season, we have announced our Christmas tree construction competition on December 2.  The participants of the competition were invited to design a 3D Christmas tree with the CAD or image processing software of their choice. They had to use a large number of standard and purchased parts available for free via our CAD-content platform from […]

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The productivity of designers and the innovation of manufacturers

17-12-2019 Fábio Del Rio

Having your parts selected by designers is everything a manufacturer dreams of! But how can this happen? For maximum clarity in this article, I will go back to the past to describe how it all used to be and to explain this view even for those who were not working in design at that time. […]

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The 4 essential steps to generate leads in 3D Printing Industry

16-12-2019 Priscillia Granval

Leads generation: here is a subject that has spawned countless articles. Simply do a quick search on Google and you will see just how many pieces have been published on the topic. You are bound to ask me why I am bothering to add another article to the pile. The bottom line is that the […]

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AutomationDirect Product Catalog Available on TraceParts CAD Content Platform


CINCINNATI, OHIO USA & CUMMING, GEORGIA (December 16, 2019) – AutomationDirect, distributor of Automation and Industrial Control Products, has chosen TraceParts to create and publish its 3D product catalog. AutomationDirect is a well-recognized name in the Industrial Automation Market. They offer thousands of industrial automation products for electrical control systems, including PLCs, operator interfaces, AC […]

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