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Lika Electronic’s innovative rotary and linear encoders now available in over 70 CAD formats on TraceParts.com

19-05-2021 Audrey Varin

Saint-Romain, France; May 19, 2021 – Lika Electronic, a manufacturer of rotary and linear encoders based on optical and magnetic sensing technologies, has chosen TraceParts to give millions of engineers and designers access to the CAD models of its products. Ever since it was created in 1982, Lika Electronic has worked closely alongside its customers, […]

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The Newsletter to The TraceParts Design Engineering Community #158

12-05-2021 Krunoslav Rašić

May 2021 – New parts catalogs available on the TraceParts CAD-content platform: Superior Sensor Technology, Inc., c3controls, BEE, ILME, Lika Electronic Srl. See the TraceParts Newsletter

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The formula for Email Marketing Success! (Checklist)

11-05-2021 Krunoslav Rašić

These days, many companies and individuals have felt the impact due to the pandemic, and they had to adapt to the changes in the world. With the imposed limitations regarding personal contact, companies have started to shift most of their focus on digital marketing to attract new customers and retain the previous ones. Now, more […]

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Spirax Sarco, a world leader in steam technology, publishes its CAD models and allows its OEM customers to harness the technical data for its products.

06-05-2021 Audrey Varin

Saint-Romain, May 06, 2021 – Spirax Sarco creates solutions that set the benchmark for organizations using steam in their manufacturing processes. This world leader in high-quality products for the control and efficient use of steam is active in a number of industries, including oil and gas, chemicals, food and drink, healthcare, pharmaceuticals and OEM. The […]

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Do paper catalogs still work in terms of selling components?

05-05-2021 Gian Paolo Lodi

All component manufacturers have used paper catalogs for years. It was the easiest way to reach new potential customers (designers from other companies), to make their products known, and win new orders. This format has worked for a long time and it is easy to understand why: paper is a universal means of communication every […]

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