TraceParts adds Google reCAPTCHA V3 to the registration page on its platform and its EasyLink sites

09-04-2021 Audrey Varin

This API shields the sites against spam and abusive bot traffic through machine learning.

You are bound to have come across the reCAPTCHA system when browsing various websites.

CAPTCHAs are specifically designed to prevent spammers from using bots to create countless spam accounts.

To detect bots, the old version of this service asked web users to prove their good faith by clicking on a series of images corresponding to a specific theme or simply copying a list of special characters. 

Most of the time, the system was just a quick check that users had to complete before continuing their browsing, but mistakes could drag down the conversion rate.

That is why TraceParts has decided to implement Google reCAPTCHA V3 on the registration page of its www.traceparts.com website, because the new version boasts a number of advantages for engineers and designers, as well as for our customers, whether parts manufacturers or distributors.

A frictionless experience on the TraceParts.com registration page

Google reCAPTCHA V3 uses machine learning to detect suspicious behavior, thanks to a score previously attributed by the webmaster.

For example, engineers and designers wishing to register on the TraceParts.com website will not need to click on a box or identify cars or traffic lights to submit their registration form.

This highly discreet tag will be visible in the bottom-right corner of the registration page:

Only suspicious behavior, based on predefined scores and activities, will trigger a verification process.

Therefore, engineers and designers looking to register on the TraceParts platform will not be stopped during their path to conversion.

High-quality registrations on the TraceParts.com platform

By installing this tag, the TraceParts platform is aiming to eliminate the bots creating multiple accounts. Bot accounts can affect CAD model downloads on the platform.

It is vitally important for TraceParts to guarantee a high-quality database for its customers and prospects, not just on the TraceParts.com platform but also on Level 1 and 2 EasyLink sites (content syndication solutions).

Before the end of 2021, reCAPTCHA V3 will be active for the download feature on the TraceParts CAD-content platform and Level 1 & 2 EasyLink sites.

Installing reCAPTCHA V3 on the TraceParts.com registration page and download function will enable TraceParts’ teams to test the API before extending the system to other features.


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