TraceParts & BIM&CO offer manufacturers a single combined way of creating and publishing CAD & BIM data

15-02-2021 Audrey Varin

Manufacturers can now publish on the TraceParts platform, directly from the tools developed by BIM&CO and at no additional cost.

Saint-Romain, France – 15 February 2021 – Construction industry manufacturers these days need to provide a large amount of data to the various types of professionals involved in the industry. The multitude of geometric formats and product data required complicates both the creation phase and the maintainability of these complex elements.

Meeting these requirements means processes are often duplicated, thus adding to project management costs and creating a need for additional services. This leads to increases in the time taken to bring product data to market and makes it difficult to maintain this data over the long term.

To provide a solution to these problems, TraceParts and BIM&CO have decided to combine their efforts with the aim of making this transition easier for both their current and future customers. This TraceParts/BIM&CO partnership will enable those manufacturers that wish to do so to model and distribute their products in a variety of different BIM and CAD formats (such as STEP, SOLIDWORKS, CATIA, AutoCAD, 3D, Revit and Inventor) by means of a single process, whilst at the same time also giving them the added benefit of increased visibility.

CAD data is automatically converted using BIM data and published on the TraceParts CAD content platform. This not only allows manufacturers to make their products more widely available, but also reduces the development and maintenance costs associated with this data over the long term.

The concept is already proving popular, as many manufacturers were waiting for a solution that would enable them to more easily manage the entirety of their data using just one single tool.

HVAC solutions manufacturer France Air envisages this solution providing genuine productivity gains. Juliette FORTE, Technical Support Expert, explains:

We’ve already had the experience of being subject to legal action on a construction project due to an obsolete product in the CAD model used by the customer. This brought home to us just how critically important it is to regularly update our files. The content management solution offered by BIM&CO has turned out to be a veritable PIM we can use in our everyday work and has also enabled our teams to become more efficient and effective with respect to data quality by simplifying the workflow of the distribution process! 

Antoine PIGEON, TraceParts Commercial Director, remarks:

By publishing their catalogues using BIM&CO’s tools, manufacturers get the ability to make them available in over 60 different formats on TraceParts.com. At the same time, they also get to benefit from our 30 years’ experience and the fact their products are made available to an audience of more than 29 million engineers and designers on TraceParts and the partner sites in its TraceParts Publishing Network – or in other words, a huge number of professionals who could potentially recommend and use those products!

The statistical and analytic tools provided by TraceParts and BIM&CO not only give manufacturers the ability to analyse the performance of their BIM and CAD catalogues but also to access the professional profiles of a range of engineers and designers. This provides them with a shrewd way of increasing the number of prospects they have and finding both new industry professionals to recommend and use their products and countries with high potential in terms of sales. The distribution of products on TraceParts and the statistical analysis reports will be free of charge. However, access to user data will be subject to an annual subscription.

Baptiste MULLIE, CEO of BIM&CO, has the final word to add:

BIM&CO’s content management solutions make it possible to convert BIM to CAD on the fly, and it does that in a completely simple and easy way, as the process involved will be entirely transparent. Manufacturers will be able to centralise their library and structure the process of digitally publishing their entire range of products as part of one single workflow. In addition to the convenience aspect, this simplified solution not only saves time but also saves money, as distribution on TraceParts.com is and will continue to be completely free of charge for both our current and future customers!

To find out more details about how CAO & BIM catalogue distribution works, visit TraceParts.com or bimandco.com.

About BIM&CO  – https://www.bimandco.com/bim/en/@bimandco

BIM&CO specialises in the field of construction industry digitalisation, with a particular focus on Building Information Modelling, or BIM for short.

BIM&CO is a SaaS software company that provides BIM object management and sharing solutions for companies and manufacturers in the construction industry. BIM&CO provides genuine operational gains by managing the complete range of BIM objects making up a BIM model using a database type approach, and by ensuring the objects comply with the various standards and software used in the industry.

The company’s “beyond the standards” positioning is achieved through its own data harmonisation technology and enables customers to unlock BIM’s full potential in terms of reducing errors, carrying out calculations rapidly, documenting and connecting to ensure better and more efficient use of the technology, automating and speeding up communications with suppliers, and improving the way products are chosen for projects.

BIM&CO is an international company with operations in Paris, Bologne, Madrid and Asia. BIM&CO uses its network of partners to build a community of industry specialists.

BIM&CO press contact: press@bimandco.com

About TraceParts

TraceParts is one of the world’s leading CAD-content platforms for Engineering, Industrial Equipment and Machine Design, totaling 4.3 million registered members from 1.2 million companies actively sourcing product information and technical data from over 195 different countries.

As part of the Trace Group founded in 1990, TraceParts brings highly targeted marketing exposure to more than 800 customers of all sizes and from all industries, via powerful cloud-based API and SaaS applications such as CAD part libraries, product catalogs and configurators.

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