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Béné Inox

A specialist in stainless steel components for industrial fluid processes, tubes, joints, plumbing fixtures, piping accessories, fasteners, supports, chains, cables and fittings.

New Components

  • ISO concentric reducer, thickness 2 mm – Stainless steel 1.4307 – 1.4404
  • ISO bend 3D 90° – Stainless steel 1.4307 – 1.440
  • Threaded tee (casting) – Stainless steel 316
ISO concentric reducer
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Main product ranges: Bearings-Housins units, lubrication, sealing, transmission, landslides, linear motion, pneumatic elements, motors, technical plastics, tools

New Components

  • R1-01 Deep groove ball bearing – open
  • A5-MA Taper Lock
  • R1-03 Deep groove ball bearing – sealed (2RS)
Deep groove ball bearing
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Anemo Engineering

Anemo Engineering

ANEMO offers time-saving, ease of use and certainty to installers & operators of machinery and equipment. Customers frequently can open & close panels, install cables and trust on their thread connections.

New Components

  • Vlier steel/ stainless steel ball plunger
  • Vlier tooling flange
  • Vlier swiveling original stud style leveler
Vlier steel
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Manufacturer of energy absorption, vibration isolation and motion control solutions

New Components

  • Jam nut, Metric
  • Jam nut, Imperial
  • Urethane Cap
Jam nut
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Nicomatic is manufacturer of standard and special electrical connectors for harsh environment, FFC cables, snap domes.

New Components

  • DMM100, Right angle on PCB, Jackpost, Male, Number of contacts 10
  • CMM220, 2 rows, Male, Straight on PCB, Jackpost, Number of contacts 4
  • EMM220, Male, Straight on PCB Jackpost, Number of contacts 8
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with friendly support from Engineeringclicks

ACE provides the app VibroChecker PRO

Pneumatic leveling mounts for good sound and against bad vibrations

Audiophile people want pure sound. That is why a manufacturer of hi-fi amplifiers is using air springs by ACE against disturbing environmental vibrations. Together with the low frequency pneumatic leveling mounts, ACE provides the app VibroChecker PRO which turns smartphones into professional measuring devices.

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How to change units in SolidWorks

How to Change Units in SolidWorks

American users are generally more likely to work in Imperial units such as inches, feet, pounds and ounces, whereas the rest of the world tends to use the Metric system – millimetres, metres, kilograms and grams. Luckily SolidWorks makes it very easily to change these units whilst modelling, and even allows you to use a combination of both.

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Nuclear Micro Batteries

Nuclear Micro Batteries run for decades

Scientists have demonstrated a prototype nuclear battery that relies on a fundamentally different mechanism to produce energy: Radioactivity. In a typical setup, a copper cantilever hangs freely over a radioactive sample. The cantilever is quite small – only about 40 micrometers thick and 4 millimeters long.

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