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Materials, linear guidance systems, profiles-systems and technical rollers.

New Components

  • EcoStretchRoll with a dead shaft bearing solution
  • EconomicRoll® with fixed and floating bearing bolts
  • EconomicRoll® with a continuous axis / shaft
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EcoStretchRoll with a dead shaft bearing solution
Parker Rectus

ACE air springs for good sound and against bad vibrations

Audiophile people want pure sound. That is why a manufacturer of hi-fi amplifiers is using air springs by ACE against disturbing environmental vibrations. Together with the low frequency pneumatic leveling mounts, ACE provides the app VibroChecker PRO which turns smartphones into professional measuring devices.

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JW Winco

JW Winco

Manufacturer and Distributor of Standard Machine Parts. Your 1st Source For Metric and Inch, Plastic, Steel, and Stainless Steel Standard Machine Parts and Assembly Hardware for Industry..

New Components

  • GN 1024 Steel Spring Cotter Pins
  • GN 128 Steel Weldable Hinges, Detachable
  • ISO 7379 Stainless Steel Socket Shoulder Screws, with Collar
GN 1024 Steel Spring Cotter Pins
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tact switch, key switch, dip switch, micro switch, detection switch, light switch, multi-function switch, input and output connector, line for board connectors, board-to-board connectors, card connector, audio connectors, power connectors

New Components

  • 3.1 90 degree patch on pin board of type-C connector
  • 3.1 type-C connector tensile male
  • Waterproof 3.1type-c connector ipx7 24P on board (2-piece set, with 1 waterproof ring)
3.1 90 degree patch on pin board of type-C connector


Manufacturer of DIN rail terminal blocks, terminal strips, printed circuit board (PCB) terminals, circular connectors, relays, power supplies, analog amplifier, overvoltage or surge protection devices and safety technology products. 

New Components

  • Basic Safety Relay – R1.188.3580.0
  • Basic Safety Relay – R1.188.3590.0
  • EMERGENCY STOP HEAD – R1.200.0600.0
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Basic Safety Relay - R1.188.3580.0
ojop Sweden AB

Ojop Sweden AB

Toggle latches, draw latches, battery connectors and trailer latches for industrial and private use

New Components

  • Special Toggle Latches – 54005
  • Latches Ojop – 52003
  • Catch plates DME – D00593
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Special Toggle Latches - 54005


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TraceParts and SnapEDA Partner

TraceParts and SnapEDA Partner to Offer Unified UX to Source Free PCB Footprints, Schematic Symbols & 3D MCAD Models

TraceParts has launched a strategic content syndication partnership with SnapEDA. TraceParts users benefit from this consolidation and centralization of data as they gain a seamlessly integrated E-CAD & M-CAD experience, allowing them to design their products faster and reduce the risk of errors.

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Top Civil Engineering Firms to Work for in 2021

Solar Powered System Extracts Drinking Water From Dry Air

The first generation of this system from a team at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), was developed three years ago as a proof of concept in order to validate that such a system could work. The device is aimed at extracting clean, drinkable water from the atmosphere, even in “dry” regions, using solar or any other form of heat energy. 

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free 2D and 3D CAD software

Free 2D and 3D CAD Software to Download in 2021 

CAD software is an absolute necessity for many professionals, including engineers, architects, graphic designers, animators and pretty much anyone who designs, and needs to convert their designs from ideas in their head to real models/schematics on the computer.Here are five of our top picks for free 2D and 3D CAD software to download in 2021.

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