Cool New Products for Engineers & Designers

Cool New Products for Engineers & Designers

Cool New Industrial Products selected by TraceParts

Wireless Torque Sensor

Four Element Strain Gauge Design

The new sensors from the SGR510/520 series use a full four-element strain gauge bridge design and permit to accurately measure and record sudden peaks in torque load. The new design also compensates for any extraneous forces, such as bending moments, inadvertently applied to the sensor, improves sensitivity and has a wide temperature tolerance.

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How to Rightly Select a Reactor

Follow the Elktra guide

Elektra Elektronik R&D Transformer Manager Ender Kasım explains that unless a suitable reactor is selected, there will be condenser and reactor incompatibility at the compensation panel. As a result, reactor power compensation cannot be done properly. The rising trend of electric vehicles (EVs) and charging systems has created a new market for reactors.

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Single Phase Block Filter

SCHURTER completes its portfolio

SCHURTER completes its portfolio of ultra-compact single-phase filters with a new generation of particularly high-performance thanks to a double stage filter design. FMBB EP is the name of the latest member in the completely closed steel housing.
Ever more powerful and at the same time ever more compact design.

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Self-Latching Multipole Connectors

Quick and secure Push-Pull latching

The LEMO B Series offers a modular, ergonomic, rugged and reliable circular multipole connector. Making it an ideal choice for test and measurement, instrumentation, medical devices, research and audio/video applications.
The modular insert configurations include a wide range of high-density multi-pole or hybrid electrical contacts.

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Push-Pull Connectors

New variant makes it easier to deploy M12 system

Through easy assembling process, the new Push-Pull variant from TE Connectivity makes it easier to deploy M12 system. the Push-Pull technology saves time during installation compared to traditional M12 alternatives. When plugging in the connector, it will give haptic and acoustic feedback when it is correctly locked.

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Partnership Mouser and MultiTech

For an Augmented Customer Experience

Engineers and buyers around the world will be able to benefit from MultiTech’s innovative communication solutions, supported by Mouser’s traditional logistics and customer service.
The SocketModem Cell is a ready-to-integrate communications device offering 4G-LTE, 2G or 3G, GSM data performance.

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