Cool New Products for Engineers & Designers

Cool New Products for Engineers & Designers

Cool New Industrial Products selected by TraceParts

Thin Air

How Power Entry Modules can Withstand Heights

2000 metres. This altitude above sea level represents the upper limit for applications of many passive components certified according to IEC. Why this limit? A little excursus into physics, more precisely into the Paschen effect.

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Safety without Exception

Special Ultrasonic Sensors for Safety Applications

The USi-safety ultrasonic sensor system from Pepperl+Fuchs is breaking new ground for safety applications—whether in challenging, dusty environments or in outdoor areas. Due to state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology and all its proven advantages, machines and vehicles are reliably protected.

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Designed to operate over a single twisted-pair copper cable

Based on transmission standards (IEEE 802.3), single-pair Ethernet (also called SPE or 1000Base-T1) is integrated into new generations of automobiles. 1000 Base-T1 is designed to operate over a single twisted-pair copper cable supporting an effective data rate of 1 Gbit/sec in each direction simultaneously.

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The Challenge of Powering Industrial IoT Applications

IoT is gaining a lot of momentum.

The hype around IoT devices nowadays is not surprising. IoT engineering kits and the appropriate technologies for designing IoT prototypes are widely available and affordable for creative technology enthusiasts. Consequently, there are no limits for enabling ideas and possible business models based on these technologies.

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ROHM introduced the industry’s highest (8V) gate withstand voltage (rated gate-source voltage) technology for 150V GaN HEMT devices – optimized for industrial and communication equipment power supplies. The growing demand for server systems driven by the increase in Iot devices seen in recent years required improved power conversion efficiency and reduction in power device size.

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Keeping A Cool Head With Data Storage

Titan Enterprises’ flow monitoring of refrigerant liquids

Reliable flow monitoring of refrigerant liquids is a vital requirement for cooling equipment used in data center facilities. Big data storage and electricity production centres need to mitigate against serious problems caused by over-heating, such as degradation of operational performance, damage to critical equipment and shutdowns.

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