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Cool New Industrial Products selected by TraceParts

Application Optimized Pressure Sensors

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Offering unmatched flexibility for a wide variety of applications, Superior’s sensors have the lowest noise floor and very high dynamic range. Extremely accurate and stable, select features based on market requirements and support multiple pressures in 1 device. Learn about our capabilities and enter to win a drone.

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Wireless systems that simplify IOT connectivity

Easier way to add IoT connectivity to their equipment for increased productivity.

Wireless networks eliminate the installation and maintenance costs associated with wired systems for continuous asset monitoring. The breadth and configurability of system devices, which include wireless pressure and temperature sensors, gateways, receivers and transmitters, gives it scalability and adaptability to work in a range of industrial applications.

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AI plug-in Card with Coral Edge TPUTM for Retrofitting

Accelerator card with 5 Google Coral Edge TPUsTM

ICP Deutschland’s Mustang-T100-T5 expands the company’s portfolio of AI accelerator cards and brings another possibility to extend existing systems with AI functionalities. Being powerful, energy-saving and sustainable are three plus points of the new Mustang card.
On the MUSTANG-T100, five Coral Edge TPUTM from Google® offer the possibility to execute up to five different AI tasks simultaneously.

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Cloud-based Solution for Service Management

For easy management of all installed vacuum components

Pfeiffer Vacuum’s new “Virtual Service Management” (VSM) is a free web app that makes it possible to manage vacuum equipment from different manufacturers. The app is integrated into Pfeiffer Vacuum’s new Select & Request Portal, so that interested parties who register in the portal can access the new service directly.

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Ultrasonic Distance Sensor

Combines NFC and IO-Link in a standard housing

Low installation depth and easy integration of the sensor via an M18 thread or the drill holes on the housing – the advantages of the established R format have been appreciated for years in the field of photoelectronic sensors. Wenglor’s ultrasonic distance sensors from the new U1RT series combine this format with the tried-and-tested ultrasonic technology of the U1KT and UMD product series.

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All-In-One System for Precise Thickness Measurements

Available with laser triangulation sensors, laser profile scanners or confocal chromatic sensors

The thicknessGAUGE system from Micro-Epsilon measures the thickness of strip and plate materials reliably and with the highest precision. Depending on the measurement task, different variants with different sensor technologies are available. The thicknessGAUGE system is available with laser triangulation sensors, laser profile scanners or confocal chromatic sensors.

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