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A collection of Cool New products from the CAD world selected by TraceParts.
Onshape   NEW Industry Research Report
The State of Product & Hardware Design

In this first-ever research report from Onshape, 850 product design and manufacturing professionals identified top priorities for improvement. This 26-page report analyzed these survey responses to uncover the current State of Product Development.
Endress+Hauser   Endress+Hauser
Compact flow meter

Picomag is a simple, maintenance-free, pocket-sized electromagnetic flow meter for industrial use. It offers easy commissioning via Bluetooth and seamless integration with IO-Link. The price tag is between 405 and 841,-€ depending on the diameter (DN15, 20, 25 or 50) and the quantity.
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Schneider   Customize your operator interface
Choose your style with Harmony customization

Discover how new offer and online tools for Harmony Schneider Electric’s push buttons, legends, control boxes and legend panels boost productivity, attractiveness and quality in our industries with optimized ergonomics and aesthetics.
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Motive   Oil pressure & flow rate control units
Engineered for single-phase and three-phase hydraulic power packs

Motive, an Italian company that aims to provide optimum value in all processes involved in safety, reliability and deliveries in the automatic entry systems field, released two control units for single phase and three phase hydraulic power packs.
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New RIA12 Surge Filter

The new TFI line from Traco Electronic is a set of surge filters which come in compact DIP-24 (TFI 20) or 1.6” x 1” (TFI 150 and TFI 300) packages. Placed in front of any DC/DC converter the TFI clamps momentary over-voltage transients to a safe value in order to protect the DC/DC converter from being damaged.
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Gimatic   Sensor boxes for PLC control electronic
Help connect sensors in series

The sensor boxes series SB from Gimatic is used for sensor wiring on the EOATs. The sensor junction boxes are interfaces engineered to condition the sensor signals to make them suitable for the PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) control electronics.
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