Form creation and Leads collecting Services

If the goal of your campaign is to generate and collect leads, you need to have a webform.
TraceParts can create and host one for you.

All the elements for the creation of the form must be sent at least 7 days before the campaign date. If the elements are NOT sent within the allotted time frame, we can not guarantee that the campaign will be sent on time.

1. Items needed from you

Subject Line icon

The call-to-action of the form

If your objective is for users to watch a video, obtain a Whitepaper, see a new catalog, register for a Webinar, read a Newsletter, etc, then your Call-to-Action button should reflect that message.

The page after the form

For example a simple “Thank You” page, or a re-direction to your website, a video…

The main image, the header, all the fields you wish to use, and your text for the form

Don’t forget to add all links (for example of a video).

Translated texts

For fields and messages (such as the “send” button, catchphrases, field names, check boxes…).

2. Examples

Example of a form (with visual images and fields)
Example of a “Thank you” page

3. Getting your leads

Once your campaign is sent out, you may opt for receiving your leads directly (in real time) or by having us send them to you via an Excel sheet one, two or three days after.
We send out a maximum of two Excel sheets with your leads- the second is one week after your campaign. All other leads after that are sent to clients in real time.
Note that we also offer the possibility for you to seamlessly transfer the collected leads into your CRM.