TraceParts rounds off 2021 with a flourish of good results

  • Helena Tomic
  • Helena Tomic

2022 is here, so now is the time to tell you about what happened last year.

In 2021, we celebrated the 20th birthday of the TraceParts platform. We have come a long way since the era of design and engineering consultancies using CDs to pick the supplier and part model that they needed for their industrial equipment designs!

In November, we reached the 4.5 million bar for the number of engineers and designers registered on our TraceParts.com platform. 950,000 of those users are opt-in contacts waiting to receive information from our partners.

498,000 unique users downloaded CAD files from our website, with an average of 88,000 users every month. Files were downloaded from close to 1,400 catalogs published by certified suppliers.

When it comes to finding the right product and the right part number, our search engine has proven to be tremendously popular with 13 million searches performed.

Google’s little robots have got their work cut out crawling through the 1.6 million TraceParts pages indexed on its search engine.

As for our product pages, users enjoyed a very clear improvement in display speed when selecting part numbers. On average, the speed is four times faster for simple product datasheets and twenty times faster for more complex configurators.

2021 was a great year for TraceParts, whether in terms of the continuously growing number of users registered on our platform, or the enriched functionality and improved performance of our applications.

Helena Tomic

Helena Tomić, Marketing Specialist



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