TraceParts teams up with Normsoft to drive its business development in Turkey

  • Helena Tomic
  • Helena Tomic

The Turkish experts in industrial marketing are now using TraceParts’ 3D catalog services to generate leads. 

Saint Romain (France) and Istanbul (Turkey); March 22, 2022 – TraceParts, a world-leading supplier of 3D digital content for engineering, has announced a strategic partnership with Normsoft, who support manufacturers in leading their digital transformation plans and developing their content marketing activities to help them achieve growth in the international markets.  

Normsoft is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey, with offices in Bursa and Izmir. The company helps Turkish part manufacturers accelerate their growth.  

Normsoft’s expertise in software, business development and the education sector (through collaborative partnerships with different universities) represents a major asset in Turkey’s digital transformation and industrial manufacturing markets. 

Aylin Terzi, Digital Marketing Consultant at Normsoft, explains the company’s corporate purpose: 

Turkish manufacturers offer quality products at affordable prices, but the costs for their maintenance and support services are still high. Until now, they had failed to grasp the importance of providing affordably priced support services in addition to quality products.

We’re delighted that Normsoft is now working with us in Turkey to market TraceParts’ services for generating leads among manufacturers and distributors of standard parts. explains Gabriel Guigue, Co-Founder and CEO of TraceParts.

Helena Tomic

Helena Tomić, Marketing Specialist



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