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Turkish company Alfamak, a leading manufacturer of gas springs, joins the TraceParts CAD-content platform. With a community of more than 5 million registered Engineers and Designers, guarantees extended visibility for Alfamak’s products. 

Alfamak: Quality gas springs for over two decades 

With over 20 years of experience, Alfamak has consolidated its position as a leading manufacturer of gas springs for a wide range of industries. Alfamak’s partnership with TraceParts means that Engineers and Designers now have easy access to Alfamak’s comprehensive product catalog, with CAD models that can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of applications, from automotive industry, HVAC, Home appliances to molding industries. 

Renowned for their durability, quality, and first-rate safety features, Alfamak gas springs meet a wide range of needs. Their products range from standard gas springs to standard die parts to support the customer’s requirements. 


Partnership with TraceParts: a logical choice  

Alfamak’s decision to partner with TraceParts is due to the platform’s capabilities. According to the company, TraceParts has set itself apart from other websites and platforms through its comprehensive and user-friendly features. The diversity of analysis tools offered by TraceParts is also a unique benefit, as it enables Alfamak to track the behavior of potential customers on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. In this case, the Alfamak team uses the statistics monthly to contact potential customers who have found them on the TraceParts CAD-content platform. 

But what was the driving force behind Alfamak’s move to put their CAD data online, not just on their own website, but also on 

As an engineering company, it is very important to us to show our products’ 3D data to other companies and our customers need to analyze it completely. That’s why we decided to put them beside our own website on another popular website like TraceParts.

By opting to publish its catalog on, the Turkish company now reaches over 5 million users of the platform. This way, Engineers and Designers can now easily access Alfamak’s product catalog, with CAD models that can be seamlessly integrated into over 60 different formats. 

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