Sixten steps up a gear with TraceParts  

For factories and spare parts suppliers, Sixten is able to adapt to every demand with dynamism and efficiency. Today, Sixten is a leader in the design, production and marketing of O-rings in a constantly evolving technological market. Find out in this article how their collaboration with TraceParts has enabled them to move up a gear.  

About Sixten  

Sixten is a leader in the design, production and marketing of O-rings, meeting the needs of a developing market. Backed by solid experience and proven expertise, Sixten can adapt to every proposal, always offering the most advanced and efficient technological solution.   

Sixten has an in-house production system with a special CNC capable of providing a geometric profile to suit any compound and certification. It is for these reasons that Sixten feels ready to pursue a greater course of proven quality and professionalism.   

The components Sixten offers are used in various sectors. Such as:   

  • Packaging & bottling   
  • Labeling   
  • Conveyor belts   
  • Machine tools   
  • Automotive   
  • Etc . 

Innovation: Make today ® trademark  

Sixten registered the Make Today ® trademark in 2020, enabling companies to create their perfect O-ring. 

This ensures that all the features of a product or service meet the requirements expressed. Sixten has always strived for total customer satisfaction in all its activities. 

This ensures that all the features of a product or service meet the requirements expressed. Sixten has always strived for total customer satisfaction in all its activities.  

Sixten has also developed a quality management system establishing working and communication methods between the various functions, and has defined all activities, including the linear exchange of information between the customer and the company.  


The O-ring is one of the simplest and most economical components available. Widely used for static seals, they are generally of limited use as dynamic seals, and their service life is often inadequate. The fact that O-rings can be made from a wide variety of elastomers means they can be used to seal against a wide range of fluids and temperatures.   

Why has Sixten chosen to upload its components online?  

Sixten has always sought to work closely with its customers on a technical level, drawing on the professionalism and knowledge of their experts. They have taken advantage of the collaboration with TraceParts to offer a better service for the design of simple or complex waterproofing systems. This choice was dictated by the company’s desire to grow by making more and more design tools available to customers.  

Developments in all fields of technology oblige the company to continually seek out innovative technologies to meet the most demanding market needs.  Speed, competitiveness and innovation are essential, and Sixten aims for continuous improvement.  

Why TraceParts?  

We chose to work with TraceParts because of their skills and professionalism in designing and producing digital catalogs. And it seems to have been the right choice.

Mr. Tiziano Borsari CEO Sixten srl  

Sixten firmly believes that the online catalog can help them compete in the marketplace, improving their perception and knowledge of the brand.   The possibility of having a catalog available 24 hours a day in all languages will certainly help to reach all those realities that until now have been difficult to reach.  

We were already familiar with TraceParts, but it wasn’t until 2023 that we decided to deepen the relationship in order to offer our customers a 360° design service.

Mr. Tiziano Borsari CEO Sixten srl  

Sixten had already done something similar in-house following a request from one of their customers, but the collaboration with TraceParts symbolizes for Sixten an opportunity like they never had before.   

What was your objective in providing CAD models of your components to designers?  

Sixten strives to place designers in ideal conditions, providing them with paper and digital catalogs, certifications, technical data sheets and now, 3D joints. In so doing, Sixten simplifies their work and enriches their customers’ knowledge with simple but infinitely important concepts.  

Want to make your components visible with TraceParts? Find out more about the benefits of publishing a 3D Catalog with TraceParts.

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