3 major obstacles that prevent component suppliers from generating leads.

Generating qualified leads online is crucial for component suppliers.

Are you struggling to generate qualified leads?
Are your leads not sufficiently qualified?

Here are 3 obstacles that might be preventing you from reaching your objectives.


1. You do not have enough online visibility.

To generate high-quality leads from your website, you must first attract qualified visitors.

Your website must therefore be sufficiently visible.

Firstly, users must be able to find it through search engines. As web users will rarely go beyond the first page of results, you should aim to optimize your referencing in order to obtain a good ranking in Google’s search results.

But that is not all.

If you cannot generate enough qualified leads online, it is almost certainly because you are not using all the digital marketing tools available to you.

Generating leads on the internet is part of an overall strategy that should allow you to transmit the right message to the right person, at the right time and in the right place.

In other words, it is essential that you communicate on all the channels prospective buyers use to help them make their purchasing decisions.
Do you use social networks? Do you send email marketing shots? Do you do use digital advertising campaigns?

Probably not. However, these are all essential tools for generating high-quality leads on the internet.


2. Your CAD models are not available in 3D

Most design studies are carried out in 3D. If your components are not available on the internet, and in the right CAD format, this will prevent you from generating high-quality leads.

Offering your components in 3D is therefore crucial if they are to be chosen at the design phase.

At TraceParts, we have noticed that 86% of components downloaded from our platform are ultimately purchased!

Industrial buyers want component manufacturers to make things as easy as possible. If your catalog of components is only available in paper format or PDF, you are clearly not going in the right direction.


3. You do not have the right communication strategy

This problem is often linked to the first issue mentioned above. The issue of visibility is a question of form while strategy concerns the very substance.

With the internet and new technologies, the behavior and expectations of industrial buyers are increasingly complex.

Buyers are increasingly autonomous and connected in their decisions. They expect component manufacturers to guide them in their decisions and provide answers to their questions. All with good will and in good faith.

Basically, if you cannot generate qualified leads online it is undoubtedly because you have simply focused on selling and talking about your company.

However, buyers demand something different: to generate leads online, you should no longer try to just sell; today, you need to help the customer.


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