Flomatic uses TraceParts to simplify valve selection for engineers by publishing its CAD model catalog

Flomatic, a leading manufacturer of valve solutions for clean waterworks, water systems and wastewater applications, has recently called upon the services of TraceParts, one of the world’s leading CAD-content platforms. The collaboration aims to improve the valve selection process for engineers by providing convenient access to accurate product information and detailed CAD models.

About Flomatic

Since 1933, Flomatic Valves has been manufacturing complete solutions for the water and wastewater industry through sustainable business practices and innovative solutions.

Bringing clean and potable water to those who need it is not just our mission but our responsibility.

Nick Farrara, president, Flomatic Valves

Flomatic specializes and produces valves ranging in sizes ¼ inch through 36 inches for a variety of projects in the municipal, industrial, and irrigation markets.

Specialties Include: Silent Check Valves, Automatic Control Valves, Swing Check and Flapper Style Check Valves, Isolation Valves (Butterfly, Gate, and Plug Valves), Flow Control Valves, Ball Check Valves, Submersible Pump Check Valves, and more.

Flomatic Valves’ solutions are targeted primarily at engineers, water management companies, municipalities, OEMs, etc.

Flomatic’s Clean Water Valves: Air Release and Vacuum Valves

Flomatic’s Air Release Valves are innovative solutions designed to effectively manage and control air pockets or gas accumulation in water and wastewater systems. These valves play a crucial role in maintaining system efficiency, preventing pipeline damage, and ensuring uninterrupted operation.

Flomatic offers a range of Air Release Valves designed to meet the diverse needs of different applications. These valves are constructed using high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding environments. With features like stainless steel floats, corrosion-resistant coatings, and robust construction, Flomatic’s Air Release Valves are built to withstand harsh conditions and deliver consistent performance.

MINIAIR® AIS- Ductile iron fusion bonded epoxy coated body with two bolt access cover and stainless-steel trim. Threaded female x female connections. Stainless seat with Viton o-ring. Small orifice. Vents under line pressure.

Flomatic product catalog now on

After receiving requests for CAD models for their products, Flomatic decided to call on TraceParts for its expertise in 3D modeling and CAD content publishing. The goal was also to bring value to engineers, as well as Flomatic’s sales teams, by making the Flomatic valve selection process convenient and transparent.


Mr Daniel Hidalgo, Marketing Manager at Flomatic, talks about his experience with TraceParts, why Flomatic made this choice and what it means for them in concrete terms:

“After carefully evaluating multiple solutions, we selected TraceParts due to their exceptional track record and commitment to providing seamless experience for specifying engineers.
From the moment we began the onboarding process, it was clear that TraceParts had a well-structured and efficient approach. Their team guided us through every step, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free implementation of their web-based solutions. Their expertise and attention to detail made the entire process incredibly straightforward, saving us valuable time and resources.
As an American Manufacturer, we constantly strive to add value not only to our products but also to the service we provide. Our collaboration with TraceParts aligns perfectly with this vision. By integrating their extensive BIM/CAD catalog into our offerings, we can now offer specifying engineers an enhanced experience when seeking a valve solution.
With TraceParts, specifying engineers can now access accurate and up-to-date product information, detailed CAD models, and technical specifications with ease. This seamless integration empowers engineers to make informed decisions and accelerates the entire specification-to-installation process.
We are confident that our partnership with TraceParts will drive significant value for our customers and enhance the overall user experience. Together, we are committed to delivering excellence and ensuring that specifying engineers have a hassle-free journey in finding the perfect valve solution.”

TraceParts not only gives designers and engineers easier access to Flomatic CAD files, but also easy access to all associated and updated data.

Want to make your components visible with TraceParts? Find out more about the benefits when publishing a 3D Catalog with TraceParts.

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