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Harwin, one of the world-leading specialists in reliable and high-performance interconnects, has partnered with TraceParts to ensure easy access to its CAD data through and its website. Harwin’s High-Reliability Connectors, Industry Standard Connectors, Board Level EMC Shielding and PCB Hardware are now easily accessible in 3D and ready for download in over 70 CAD formats. With a user base of over 5 million registered Engineers and Designers, ensures wider visibility of Harwin’s products. 

History of excellence 

Since its establishment in 1952, Harwin has remained committed to delivering exceptional quality products. It has evolved into a leading specialist in reliable and high-performance interconnects. Continuous investment in people, processes and systems has driven its expansion and development. With a global reach and a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies, Harwin products meet the most demanding requirements. 

Discovering Harwin’s product range 

The company has a broad portfolio of highly reliable interconnects and PCB hardware items. Its products find application in a wide range of markets globally, including space, avionics, defence, robotics, oil/gas, industrial drives & factory automation systems, electric vehicle battery management and more. 

The product portfolio is divided across three product ranges, HRi, BBi and EZi. 

  • HRi features high-reliability connector products – Gecko, Datamate, M300 and Kona that offer market leading performance. 
  • BBi features board-to-board interconnect – Archer Kontrol durable industrial connectors, Archer .5 and Archer .8 high-speed mezzanine connectors. 
  • EZi features board-level hardware and accessories – EMC shielding products including shield cans and a comprehensive range of board-level hardware, including spacers, spring contacts, cable clips, and jumper links. 


Simplifying the Requests for 3D Models with TraceParts 

Harwin already had a system in place to handle frequent demands for CAD models but was looking to upgrade the functionality on its website. 

A deep understanding of the CAD design process, the longstanding presence and reputation and the high-quality 3D models offered played a significant role in the decision to simplify the CAD data delivery process with TraceParts services. 

TraceParts provided excellent support while publishing and seamlessly integrating Harwin’s CAD models on and A wide variety of file formats allows Harwin’s customers, mainly Electronics Engineers from world’s leading companies, to access technical CAD data in their preferred format. 

Peter Schneid, VP of Marketing at Harwin, shared his thoughts on the partnership: 

Harwin’s digital transformation is moving at a rapid pace. As a leader in high-reliability electronic components, we recognize the critical role of delivering accurate CAD data for engineers. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our partnership with TraceParts, a company with deep expertise and experience, opening up the Harwin library to its millions of users worldwide.

Peter Schneid, VP of Marketing at Harwin

In conclusion, this collaboration marks a significant milestone in providing engineers and designers easy access to Harwin’s high-reliability connectors through a comprehensive library of 3D models. By integrating their CAD data with, Harwin ensures that users can effortlessly incorporate their products into their designs, saving valuable time and streamlining the development process. 

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